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Great King Max III, The Battle Of Apar

Max The Great
Max III, 29 years old
King Of The Osmax
ReignDecember 10, 41 - July 4, 101 First Era
(60 years)
CoronationDecember 10, 41 First Era
PredecessorMax II
SuccessorTiberius I
Born19 First Age
DiedJuly 4, 101 First Era
(Aged 82)
SpousesAlain Camprehenda (46 First Era - 91 First Era)
Max Serlius III
DynastyMaximin-Tiberius Dynasty, apart of the Serlius House
FatherMax Serlius II
Motherneeds mother
Osmax-Fowatan War, Battle Of Apar

Max Serlius III (19 - July 4, 101 First Era), 3rd King of the Kingdom Of Osmax, ascended to the throne when he was only 22 years old after his father's death in the Battle Of Kivon Max II, apart of the Osmax-Fowatan War. He is widely known for his heroic deeds and accomplishments in bringing victory to the Osmax in the war. He had one of the longest reigns for a Osmax King, at approx. 60 years. He is often described as a tall brute of a man, with warrior-like culture but with an intense mind. His reign began with assassinations and plots to throw him out of power, but with his success in the seemingly over-war, he exhibited his right to rule. After the war, he spent the rest of his reign building the Kingdom and living in peace. He is often looked upon as the great embodiment of a leader, and a King. His memory is worshipped alongside his Grandfather, Max I, the first King Of The Osmax. He died peacefully in his Quarters at the age of 82, succeeded by his son Tiberius I, often recalled as Tiberius The Invader.

Early Years

In his early years, he began his training to become a warrior, and most importantly King at 13 years old. His father, Max II, hired a mentor to train his son in the ways of combat and governance. His father loved his son, but saw little to do with him. His mentor, Inkari Dex, taught him how to fish, hunt, track, kill, and most importantly, lead. A legend passes by that when Max was 18 years old, Inkari was found in the forest; ripped apart head to toe. He told him that he had found the bear, but didn't move fast enough. His dying breath told Max not to seek revenge, but seek the truth. Max tracked the bear after his mentor died, due to complications in his injuries, and found it by a stream. A hunting arrow was implanted in his right shoulder, and two cubs jumped excitedly nearby. Max recalled how important that day was for him, and the lesson it taught him.

When his father went with the Army, Max had no choice but to stay behind in a nearby war camp outside of Opam. It was five months later when a messenger arrived. His father had been killed, encircled by warriors of the Fowatan. He was to be the next King. His father had died two days ago, the messenger had traveled by horse, faster than any more had gone before. His coronation was held the next day, and he was declared the next King of his Kingdom. He was only 22 when he bore the crown. His father's remains couldn't be verified, but the body that held his sword was buried inside the Opam Royal Burial Chambers.

Osmax-Fowatan War

The Osmax-Fowatan War had already been raging four years when Max took the throne. The Osmax were heavily losing, nearing total destruction of their Kingdom. Villages and towns had already been looted and raided, and his father and the remaining army had been crushed at the Battle Of Kivon. When the big freeze came, Max conjured plans. Assassination attempts and plots to throw him out of power were circulating. He could trust no one, watching every shadow as the days went on. He personally killed five assassins themselves, not trusting his own bodyguards to protect him.

With no army left, Max did the only thing that could save the Kingdom. Raising an army of 10,000 grabbing every man that could lift a sword to fight. With the frost embedded into the region, the Fowatan attacks were futile and completely halted for the coldest of the winter months. For the next five months, Max trained his troops for war. Dodging attempts at his life, creating weapons forged out of iron, and willing his men to learn everything they could, he didn't know what was to come.

Once the five months ended, the army still training outside of the town Apar, scouts reported the Fowatan Army was enclosing. Led by the King Of The Fowatan, Fentalius, the army outnumbered them some say 3:1. Gathering his army inside of the nearby forest in secrecy, Max gave a speech he brought out from his heart. Yelling, and screaming his heart's desire to win his men over, the war horn called as they charged into the unsuspecting army. Down the hill, with the high ground, and screaming raging warriors, the frozen army of the Fowatan was defeated. Fentalius himself tried to rally his men as Max had, but when his location was revealed, he was enveloped by Osmax warriors. The battle lasted two hours, and the Osmax had already driven the Fowatan away, killing any they could. Nine thousand died that day, but with the leadership of the army killed at the core, the warriors broke off and never returned to fight again. Foutlang fell later that year, and with the odds completely against Max, he had won the war and won his people. All plots against him stopped, and Max went on to rule the newly captured Kingdom.

Older Age

After the end of the Osmax-Fowatan War, the Kingdom Of Osmax experienced a great time of peace. Max III did not seek further conquests of distance lands, and would slowly expand the Kingdom peacefully. His long reign, extremely rare among Kings and practically unheard of during the early years of the First Era Max brought stability to the new Kingdom. Openingly allowing Fowatan values, the Fowatan identify soon would mix into the Osmax and completely be forgotten by the end of his reign. The cores of the Fowatan would shift into cores of the Osmax. Max is often remembered in his older years as a calm, focused man. He would take strolls through his garden, and would pick up the tradition of a yearly hunting trip. He would often ice fish in the wintertime, and walk among the streets of Opam. 60 years after his coronation, on July 4th 101 First Era, Max III Of The Osmax passed away peacefully on his bed within his quarters. His sons, Tiberius I Of The Osmax, and John Of The Osmax would say goodbye not only to their faithful King, but their loving father. His death would be mourned by the whole Kingdom as Tiberius I would take the throne. Nearly the whole Kingdom, if not the whole Kingdom, had known Max III as their King their whole lives. Three generations had been born since his ascension to the throne.


The Silver Crenali | Minted 211 First Era - N/A | Depicting A Bear and Max III

Max III would be an extreme outliner in times of more war, lower life expectancy, and generally less humility. He is remembered as one of the Great Kings of the First Era for his strategic abilities, and management among a new Kingdom. His face is often seen on the face of the Crenali, minting his legacy centuries after his reign. Holding the longest reign for centuries, and one of the holders for the Longest Reigns In History, Max III was remembered as a loving father, faithful gentleman, and brilliant King. His name is also remembered as one of the great Maxs, apart of the Maximin-Tiberius Dynasty. Many works are dedicated to his legacy, most famously the State Of The Great King Max III.

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