Battle Of Apar

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Battle Of Apar
Part of Osmax-Fowatan War

Battle Of Apar
DateApril 30th, 42 First Era
Result Osmax Victory
  • Fowatan had met the Osmax forces at the city of Apar
Commanders and leaders
Estimated (Min - Max)
  • 9,000 - 11,000 Osmax
  • 5 Calvary
Estimated (Min - Max)
  • 22,000 - 26,000 Fowatan
  • 15 - 25 Calvary
Casualties and losses
Approx. 8,000+ died Approx. 15,000 - 18,000 died
Military deaths: 22,000 - 26,000
Total civilian dead: 500
Total dead: 22,500 - 26,500

In the Spring of 42 First Era, Great King Max III proved his steel. With land being captured by the opposing Kingdom Of Fowatan, Max III after five months of relentlessly training his army marched his armies to begin the Battle Of Apar. With the odds heavily against the Osmax, some say outnumbered 3:1, the soon-to-be legendary king rallied his army, proclaiming that this battle would be the same to the 1st Battle Of Opam, and that whoever won would win the war. The Fowatan armies were battered from years of war, but also experienced. While the fresh Osmax armies could barely imagine the horrors of war, they had one thing the Fowatans didn't. Hope, and determination. The Osmax won the battle against the odds, with the terrain, the morale, and overall spirit pushing the tide. The battle only lasted about two hours, but nine thousand had died. General Panerius Links later recalled after the incredible Osmax victory, "You could barely see the ground, only bodies stacked upon each other like logs could be seen." The Battle created the Legend Of Max III, and cemented his right to rule. After the battle, there were no more attempts on his life. The battle is cited as the deciding factor of who would win the Osmax-Fowatan War.

Events Prior

After the Battle Of Kivon, with his father Max II killed in battle, Max III would rise to the throne. The start of his rule was dark times, with stability hanging on by a thread. Plots, conspiracies, and assassination attempts tried to ploy everything the young King tried. His guards would talk behind his back, ready to plunge dagger deep into it. His own relatives wanted power and convinced people to try and kill the King. Before the Battle, he already had killed five men for trying to kill him. To put the Kingdom into order, Max III drafted warriors from among not only the bustling city center of Opam, but nearby rural areas as well. Gathering an army of upwards of 10,000 warriors, Max III began preparations to fight back in a counter-offensive campaign. The army was led by newly promoted high-ranking Generals because although they did not have enough troops to hold such a high rank, they had the fighting spirit. The winter of 41 - 42 First Era was a tough one, completely halting the advancing Fowatan Warrior from reaching Opam. The rigorous plains and forests were too hard to traverse in the freezing weather without terrible losses. For five months, the King would train his army for battle. He grabbed everyone he could, arming anyone with anything. The legacy of Max II death proved to be an invaluable campaigning tool, for his heroic fighting spirit. Even though his father had done little in life, it was all forgotten when he died not as a warrior, but as a king.

When the first big melt appeared, the Fowatan armies struck. Destroying, and burning down villages, Fentalius Of The Fowatan led his armies to Opam. Little did he know, that when he stopped at the nearby town of Apar, would he meet the entire Osmax Army.

Course Of The Battle

Little is recorded from the battle, but what generally is agreed upon is that the scouts from the Osmax had spotted the Fowatan Army enclosing and that the Osmax army was placed into the nearby forest. Max III knew they would attack the town to replenish supplies and thus would sound a horn to charge through the trees and surprise the army. Once the army had reached their hidden location, the King called out a speech to inspire his men to fight. The speech, recorded from eyewitness accounts goes along the lines of: "We have trained for five months, five, long cold months. I have seen you go from civilians to hard-trained warriors. I have seen the carnage you can wreck, and the fear you spike into peoples hearts. I stand here now, and ask you one question. Will you fight, until you can't anymore? Will you fight, not for your country, but for each other? Will you fight, for your family, friends, and for your King! I know there are a lot of them, much more than us, but if you fight not like warriors, but like brothers, We shall rise out of the ashes.... until none are left standing. United we stand!" The horn blew, and as the men ran out screaming with utter rage, the Fowatan ranks quickly dissipated in chaos. Running down the hill, the warriors felt strength as they leaped onto their prey. Slashing, stabbing, ripping, and tearing, the warriors sang songs as they destroyed the men who had slaughtered their animals, raped their women, and killed their children. Screaming with fury, the Fowatan warriors broke within only a few hours. As they ran away, the blood-curdling cries of the Osmax screeched into the air. Without success, the King Of The Fowatan, Fentalius Barma also tried to rally his men. But when he revealed his location, he was stampeded. His body was never found, and without confirmation of his survival, the Kingdom fell into chaos. When the battle ended, thousands among thousands dead, Max III walked among the dead. He found a dying Faxillen, blade stabbed through his chest. And he asked his King, his dying words, "Have we won...? Or do I need to take more with me?" The King replied they had won, and the Faxillen died with a smile on his face.


The aftermath of the battle led to the fall of the Fowatan Capital, Foutlang, and the complete total surrender of the Kingdom Of Fowatan. The Kingdom was completely annexed, and after around 100 years of occupation, the unique culture of the Fowatans was gone. The Impact of the Battle Of Apar was the deciding factor in the Osmax-Fowatan War. Before the battle, the sides were heavily leaned towards the Fowatans, but with the sudden attack and deadly battle, the tides completely flipped. Without the battle, not only would the Kingdom Of Osmax fall, Max III would have most likely been pushed out of power and executed if he had already not died in the battle. For the centuries to come, the Osmax would dominate Umon among other Regions, but one is left to speculate; what would have happened if Fentalius had won?

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