Opreium Fes

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If you kill their children, they'll have nothing left to fight for

General Opreium Fes after torching a village and murdering all of its inhabitants

Opreium Fes

Birth nameOpreium Fes
Nickname(s)Killer Of Children
Apar's fields
DiedApril 30, 42 First Era (Aged 43)
Battle of Apar
AllegianceKingdom Of Fowatan
Service/branchArmed Forces
Years Of Service20 - 42 First Era
RankThe General Of Fowatan
Known forHis failure at the Battle Of Apar
Battles/warsBattle Of Kivon, Battle Of Apar
ChildrenRenesco Fes (killed by Osmax warriors during the Osmax-Fowatan War)
Megis Parthliyan Fes
Grandfather of the great Parthliyan Fes

Opreium Fes (B1E-1 - April 30, 42 First Era) was a Fowatan General in the Osmax-Fowatan War. He is most widely well known for his incredible strategic failure in the Battle Of Apar, handing the victory to the Osmax, and ultimately, the war. Before the battle, he was an expert at destroying the villages of his enemy, slaughtering many women and even many more children, earning him the nickname "Killer Of Children". Throughout the war, he closely worked with his King, [[Fentalius Barma|King Fentalius Of The Fowatan. He had two children, one of which was killed in the war, and another by the name Megis Parthliyan Fes, father of the great Parthliyan Fes. General Fes met his fate, like his oldest son, on the 30th of April in the Battle Of Apar when to try and recover his honor, charged at Max III. He slashed at the great king, jagging a mark up his left leg, but to no avail could win as he was set aflame by Max's troops. His body was strung up to show the Fowatan warriors their General. His body laid in the mud for days before it disappeared.

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