Kingdom Of Fowatan

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Men, the gods have failed us...

King Fentalius, The Battle Of Apar

The Crazed Fowatan Kingdom
19 First Era–43 First Era
Created in 20 First Era
Motto: "Fight to the last man!"
Smallest Extent
Smallest Extent
Common languagesHelten
GovernmentAuthortian Kingdom
• (19 - 29 First Era)
• (29 - 43 First Era)
General Of Fowatan 
• (19 - 34 First Era)
General Oxodes Fowan
• (34 - 42 First Era)
General Opreium Fes
LegislatureNone, the King was completly in charge
Historical eraFirst Era
• creation of the first formal nation (created as a defense to this)
19 First Era
(37 - 43 First Era)
February 43 First Era
• 20 First Era
• 35 First Era
• 43 First Era
CurrencyNo Currency
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The Kingdom Of Fowatan ("Foe-wA-taN") was a relatively short-lived nation, spanning only 24 years with two different Kings. The Nation in its short life was well known for its sparse agriculture, nomadic living style, and rough rugged warriors. The Kingdom was formed after the surrounding tribes of the area felt the newly united Kingdom Of Osmax could very easily absorb them. The tribes than there created a small tribe democracy, finally electing to formalize into a nation. The culture of the Fowatans relatively sharply fell apart as the Osmax took them over, in a narrow war only won with the Boy King, Great King Max III and diminished completely around the 3rd Century, Second Era. The Fowatan nation never rose again, and eventually became cores of the Kingdom Of Osmax.


The Fowatan Kingdom formed in approx the year 19 First Era with Teniulus Barma as its first ruler. His son, Fentalius, is known as the last ruler of the nation. Nearby tribes felt frightened after the First Era was initiated by the formation of the Kingdom Of Osmax. These tribes formed together, creating a small tribal democracy. After a few years of Osmax expansion, the many tribes spanning over a hundred miles wide formed the nation of Fowatan. This new Kingdom had major problems, to begin with. With the low rainfall in the region, and rugged terrain of hills soiled with gravel and loose rock, the food source of the Fowatan kingdom relied on hunting. This in turn could not provide a stable population modifier and thus is one of the downfalls of this extremely early nation. Internal conflicts also plagued the nation's top officials, with small side businesses and one relatively large economic factor, bribing officials with gold. Teniulius brought his people security and warmth to their waning lives, creating a stable country. But, internal corruption was only beginning. In 29 First Era, only ten years in power, it showed its true form. Teniulus's son, Fentalius soon met his father one evening. Demanding why his father hadn't taken action against the Osmax, he slit his father's neck and let him bleed on the floor in agnoy. The nation soon fell into chaos, at the outrage against their King being killed. But the oppressive, cunningly newly placed King killed the entire opposition within years, finally bringing a sort of peace.

Years after taking power, Fentalius moved to place his motives of attacking the Osmax. Invading their lands with armies tenfold of that of the Osmax, he pillaged and burned down villages. The town soon felt the blows as they were completely erased from history in the ensuing warfare. But with the increasing pressure on the King, he soon met the opposing King in battle. Watching from afar, the enemy King was slain, and all thought the war would end. But a year later, with the extremely young King of the Osmax, Max III, he proved just how wrong they were. Raising an army, teaching them to fight with honor and discipline and with new weapons of war called shields. The Fowatan were not prepared for a new army to fight so well, and held their ground but soon fell apart as they couldn't fight against shielded combatants. As the day ended, the Fowatan were defeated in battle. Their forces became decimated, their General, and King lay dead on the battlefield. The Fowatan had lost the war.

When the Young Osmax Kingdom annexed the Fowatans, with their strict policies on corruption and unity, the Fowatans were quick to adapt to this. Not much is known about the Fowatan Kingdom, as their population was almost completely illiterate. Records during this period in history are extremely vague in most cases, as many records of this period are of the Osmax. The most organized and developed nation thus far.


The Fowatan Kingdom was surrounded by hills and small stout forests. On the north side of the Kingdom, the ocean blew cold winds in from the mysterious inlet of sea, and froze all of the lands of Northern Umon. The rocky shore of the ocean stagger above the water. Coal is most often mined in the Kingdoms lands, known for its well off deposits, including but not limited to Iron, Coal, Silver, and Arsenic.

The bay north of the Kingdom, called the Bay Of Mystical Ice, named for its freezing and crashing ice that shines in the moonlight, creates hard freezing winds. Many cords of wood are required to heat the city during the winter, and winter clothes can be sold in extremely large quantities often in the region.


The Kingdom Of Fowatan was ruled by a King, headed underneath by the General Of Fowatan. The government in its short existence face many times of turmoil, with few years of stability and long decades of constant threat. Small rebellions often popped up around the kingdom but swiftly could be put down. Much of the instability caused in the Kingdom originated from the backstabbing of Fentalius Of The Fowatan to his father. Killing his father for the throne, he split the loyalties of many of his fathers followers, and nearly caused a full frontal civil war.

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