Fentalius Barma

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I will kill the Osmax King, like I will kill you. Slow, and painful.

Prince Fentalius, to his father 19 First Era

Fentalius Barma
Fentalius Barma, 42 years old
King Of Fowatan
ReignKing (29-42 First Era)
(13 years)
CoronationJuly 19, 29 First Era
PredecessorTeniulus Of Fowatan
DiedApril 30, 42 First Era (Aged 44)
Battle Of Apar
the Battle Of Apar, his body was never found
SpousesNever married
  • No children
Teniulus Barma
FatherTeniulus Of Fowatan
MotherUnknown women
Battle Of Apar, Osmax-Fowatan War

Fentalius Barma (B1E-2 - April 30, 42 First Era) was the second and last King of the short-lived Kingdom Of Fowatan. He became king after murdering his father for not acting against the Kingdom Of Osmax. His motives behind the murder include a terrible want to be recognized as the most powerful Kingdom, and to follow the words in the Book Of Sorrow, meditating on the matter and declaring that it was Bemous that killed his father, and he was simply the follower. His act of treachery shunned the new Kingdom into silence as he suppressed and killed all of his opponents, building up the Kingdom and preparing it for war. The king, aged only 31, had to wait years before he could attack the Osmax. The internal turmoil in his kingdom took nearly seven years to put under control until he could go ahead with his invasion plan.

In the year 37 First Era, Fentalius finally succeeded in his mission to invade the Osmax. His raised armies of thousands swiftly came down upon the borders invading and pillaging the towns of the Osmax. The Osmax King, Max II, attempted to sway Fentaliius through diplomatic measures to ensure peace. As expected, the enraged King didn't respond to the letters. In the early Spring of 41 First Era, the Battle Of Kivon erupted after the skilled General, Opreium Fes find out a plot to attack straight through the front lines, through Kivon. Fighting in an ensuring battle, Fentalius watched as the Osmax King was swarmed by troops and killed. He later noted: "The war has already been won, they just haven't realized it"

But, with the rise of the new King Max III the Osmax had not been beaten. A year after the Battle Of Kivon, Max III engaged with the Fowatan forces at Apar, and became known as the legendary battle of Apar. Outnumbering the enemy 2:1, Fentalius had not need to worry for the fight. He was severely proven wrong as the rallied forces under King Max III, forced their way toward his guard escort. Unable to fight in close quarters, Fentalius was never seen again. His sword, stabbed into one of his own escorts was the last thing noted. His death marked the swift end to the battle, and the end of the war. His crazy plan to kill his father, and invade the Osmax, had not worked.

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