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ScriptureBook Of Sorrow
RegionWorldwide, usually Bytos and Alathor
HeadquartersBel(Osmax Church), & Gomm(Osami Church)
A frozen town along the coastline, attributed to either Bel or Gomm
SeparationsOsmax Church & Osami Church
Head GodBemous
Slogan"Thy Bemous, Thy Life"

The Osmanian Religion, (Os-may-knee-in), is an extremely large religion stretching across the central region of Liberos. The Head of the Religion is the Grand Pope, while the leading god is the legendary warrior god, Bemous. The religion first began approximately B1E-500, and spread across Umon or Faltos quickly. The Kingdom Of Osmax and Kingdom Of Osami both claim to have created the religion although neither one can accurately be given the claim. The culture of the religion is based around the worship of a high god who may save people in the most desperate of times, but ultimately forces you to do the work. Osmans as they are called, worship Bemous to extreme measures building churches, and statues, and spreading the love and power of the great figure. Osmans evolve throughout the next few eras, slowly becoming more and more aggressive as outside religions and cultures pressure them, eventually turning into entire holy wars raging across the continents. The ancient scripture of the religion is the Book Of Sorrow, written by Bemous's Holy Son, the Archangel. The book is usually interpreted by Osmans that outsiders are wild and uncivilized, and those who do not worship Bemous cannot be trusted.


Osmanian was first developed in the Book Of Sorrow to describe the one who took action, Osmans. This was eventually transcribed by an unknown zealot in the 1st Century B1E into Osmanian. The name is most reflected in the names of the Kingdom Of Osmax, and Kingdom Of Osami, with both being founded after mixed interpretations of the religious name. In the Helten language, Osmaninan is roughly translated to Preemptive or Fearless.


Death and Afterlife

Osmans believe that once you have died you are reborn into the eternal hall of Bemas. The hall of Bemas is described by the Archangel in the Book Of Sorrow as a "great huge hall made from the finest stone and most sparkling gems. The hall never has an end, forever creating new rooms and lavish accommodations. Those who do not appear into Bemas, however, disappear into darkness." This strongly held belief of the afterlife gives a strong connection even to those who do not believe in Osmanian as many people fear turning into nothing. This is perhaps the strongest reason for Osland to grow.


Gods Of Osmanian

Bemous is often depicted as a shrouded figure in the snow

Bemous, the head god of Osmanian is humanized as a shrouded figure wearing a dark cloak. Bemous is the most powerful of the Osmanian gods, aiding help to those in desperate need in the most desperate times. He often appears on Liberos, however, many people do not realize who he is until he has already disappeared. The first person to see Bemous is his Holy Son, the Archangel.


The Book Of Sorrow is the only piece of scripture in the Osmanian Religion, first written by the Archangel around the 4th Century B1E.


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