From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Osmanian Religion is perhaps the biggest Religion ever on Liberos. The Head of the religion is the Grand Pope, while the leading god is the legendary warrior god, Bemous. Osmanian centers from the centeral core of Faltos and Umon, and quickly became a wide spread religon in the First Era. The kingdom of osmax and kingdom of osami debate extremely often to whom discovered it first, with Osami generally winning th arguments. The culture of the religion is based around the worship of a high god whose power decides which people live in prosperity, and whicb people live in horrible famine and poverty. Osmans as they are called, worship Bemous to extreme measures building church's, statues, and spreading the love and power of the great figure. Osmans evolve throughout the next few eras, slowly becoming more and more aggressive as outside religions and cultures pressure them, eventually turning into entire holy wars raging across the continents. The ancient scripture of the religion is the Book Of Sorrow, written by Bemous's Holy Son, the Archangel. The Archangel shapes stories in the book based on prosperity and happiness as a small tribe accepts their god as the "one". But soon, an outsider comes and joins the tribe and becomes a figurehead in the community, but then they discover that he worships Khalios, the father of the Anti-Archangel. Soon th tribe falls into terrible warfare and mayhem. The book ends with the sentence ringing out of Bemous's mouth, "War.... Death.... Sorrow..." The book is often interpeted by Osmans that outsiders are wild and uncivilized, and those who do not worship Bemous cannot be trusted.

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