Kingdom Of Osami

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Beneath Bemous himself

Grand Guardian Regal Vampes, Outside Voterdamm

The Papals Of Osami
49 First Era–N/A
Flag of Kingdom Of Osami
Smallest Extent
Smallest Extent
Common languagesHelten
GovernmentSpiritual Kingdom
Grand Guardian 
• (49 - 60 First Era)
Regal Vampes
• (60 - 70 First Era)
Bental Kilths
• (70 - 90 First Era)
Fem Tulian
• (90 - 130 First Era)
Dem Tulian
• (130 - 145 First Era)
Kam Tulian
• (145 - 150 First Era)
Pomerius Vampouslaius
LegislatureThe Circle Of Benlas
Historical eraFirst Era, Second Era
• The Osami Awakening
49 First Era
• N/A
• 50 First Era
• 75 First Era
• 100 First Era
CurrencyThe Osser
  1. ...

The Kingdom Of Osami ("Osam-E") was one of the first nations to form during the First Era. The tribe had grown a religious dependency on every decision, shaping their nation towards a spiritual society. Once they formed to become a kingdom, they focused on religious spreading becoming an influential religious power. During the First Era they are considered a peaceful nation to most and had high population growth.



The Osami Tribe disintegrated and reformed into a Spiritual Kingdom around the year 49 First Era. The cause of this event isn't known but is only described as "The Osami Awakening" when the people realized that they must protect their religion, hence themselves. The Osmanian Religion is however disputed where it was originally founded, as it is claimed in Kingdom Of Osmax, as well as in Osami. This confusion caused multiple wars among the Kingdoms, "Holy Wars" in a way. The Osami had very high population growth, quickly becoming one of the highest populated nations. The few first leaders of the Osami are not considered to be great, until the Grandfather of Great Leader Kam Tulian, Fem Tulian, rose up and began to claim the entire region of Faltos and more. The nation is considered almost a Holy State, and the leader of the Osmanian Religion, the Grand Pope, often would reside here.

Centralized Acts

The Centralized Acts, enacted in 63 First Era by Grand Guardian Bental Kilths increased the religious authority of the state. Before these acts, the local priests of each region had consolidated a lot of power, being small kings in their own right. The Head of the State had a hard time expanding its religious influence across the nation, and thus Bental Kilths redistributed the power. The laws stated that the supreme lord of the Osmanian Religion, the Grand Pope, was selected by the Head God (Bemous) himself, and that to the decree he rules without question. The Acts had but one stipulation, that the Pope's authority could only exist when he lived inside the borders of the Osami. This of course, had differing perspectives. It was all agreed however that if the Pope lived outside the borders, in another state, they could not accurately verify that his interpretations were not pure.

Osmax Quarrels

When the Osmax sent an exploration party to the Kingdom Of Osami in 208 First Era, and learned of the Centralized Acts, the head of the Osmax Religion Pax Romano was furious upon learning about the Grand Pope. Up until that point, the Osmax and Osami had known about each other but few details if any. And thus, by following the same beliefs, Holy debates began. The first question was who would lead the Religion. Both sides argued for their own religious leader to be the one "true" messenger of god, which in the end did not bode well. Eventually, a unanimous conclusion was reached that the Grand Pope, leader of the Osmanian Religion would be that of the Osami. The Osmax could not continue any more debates on the issue and settled that he was a step below the Osami. The Osmax also stated that the Osami could not keep the Pope inside their lands, while the Osami simply told them that Bemous himself had told them. When the Osmax recovered this reply, King Lanius I of the Osmax threw down the letter, drawing his sword. Not daring to step down again, to further his reputation tarnished, he screamed across his throne room, declaring war upon the Osamis. His goal was to retrieve the Grand Pope and bring him back to Opam. The 1st War Of Osmanian had begun.

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