List of Osami Leaders

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

First Era

The Kingdom Of Osami had (insert number) Grand Guardians throughout the First Era.

Portrait Name
Term Circle Of Benlas
Took office Left office Duration
1Regal Vampes
49 First Era60 First Eraapprox. 11 Years1st Circle Of Benlas
2Bental Kilths
60 First Era70 First Eraapprox. 10 Years1st Circle Of Benlas
3Fem Tulian
70 First Era90 First Eraapprox. 20 Years2nd Circle Of Benlas
4Dem Tulian
90 First Era130 First Eraapprox. 40 Years2nd Circle Of Benlas
5Kam Tulian
130 First Era145 First Eraapprox. 15 Years3rd Circle Of Benlas
6Pomerius Vampouslaius
145 First Era150 First Eraapprox. 5 Years3rd Circle Of Benlas
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