Regal Vampes

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Beneath Bemous himself

Grand Guardian Regal Vampes, Outside Voterdamm

Regal Vampes
File:Regal Vampes.jpeg
Grand Guardian Vampes, (age) years old
Grand Guardian
Reign(49 - 60 First Era)
(approx. 11 years, 5 days)
CoronationNovember 3, 49 First Era
SuccessorBental Kilths
December 10, 41 First Age
Born6 First Era
DiedNovember 8, 60 First Era
(Aged 54)
Drowned to death after falling off a boat
SpousesMultiple unnamed wifes/concubines
  • Tamarcas Vampes
  • Unknown daughter
Regalian Vampes
FatherUnknown father
MotherUnknown mother
Osami Kingdom

Regalian Vampes (6 - November 8, 60 First Era) was the first Grand Guardian of the Kingdom Of Osami. The Kingdom Of Osami, officially the Papals Of Osami, was first formed after the Osami tribe disintegrated and reformed into a Spiritual Kingdom. Regal Vampes was chosen as its first Grand Guardian, after the heads of the Osmanian Religion voted on who was to lead this new nation. Vampes grew up as a poor individual and only was accredited fame through his new understanding of Bemous, and the way of his lifeforce. At the age of 28, Vampes already had become an esteemed religious interpreter and was highly respected among the community.

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