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Opam's layout in 149 First Era
Opam's layout in 149 First Era
Located in Central Umon
Located in Central Umon
ControlOsmax (tribe) B1E-1000 - B1E-1
Kingdom Of Osmax 1 First Era - N/A
Osmax ProvinceProvince Of Opam
Settledapprox. B1E-1000
Founded byOsmax (tribe)
 • TypeCouncil Of Opam (1 First Era - 789 Second Era)
Governor Of Opam

Highest Recorded
 • City2,425 sq mi (6,280 km2)
 • Land2,200 sq mi (6,000 km2)
 • Water225 sq mi (580 km2)  9%
 • Urban
900 sq mi (2,000 km2)

Highest point in elevation
221 ft (63.3 m)
 • City
1 First Era - 9,000
25 First Era - 13,000
49 First Era - 22,000
75 First Era - 29,000
 • Rank1st Osmax

The city of Opam was built around B1E-500 and for over a millennium was the capital of the Osmax. The Osmax (tribe) were the first people to call this city their capital and many many civilizations would soon follow. Opam is generally acquainted with its warm summers, but harsh and sometimes freezing winters. Although its climate is generally warm in the winter, Opam and its territories are very unnatural accumulating hard cold winds and freezing storms. Opam is located at the uppermost part of Umon along the Bay Of Mystical Ice. Two rivers flow near Opam that provide much of its water source, although the Bay could provide just as well. Centuries of pollution and warfare however have affected the bays' level of sanitation and safety past acceptable levels. The city of Opam is generally referred to as the cradle of civilization and sometimes the center of society, and only in the later parts of the Second Era did this not apply.


Opam was built in B1E-500, and quickly became a regional city. First controlled by the Osmax (tribe), the city would grow to unprecedented proportions. The sea access to the Bay Of Mystical Ice allowed trade throughout the warm periods of the year, and year round fishing, normal and ice. In B1E-7, a uniting war was fought between the surrounding tribes, the Deno, and Arain, and Opam was apart of the final battle of the war, the 1st Battle Of Opam. The first of many wars later to be fought in the great city. Soon after the Osmax-Arain Succesion War, the city became the Capital of the Kingdom Of Osmax and would stay so for centuries. The Kings and Emperors of the Osmax would keep within their great palace, the Oxa Omas. In the Osmax-Fowatan War, (37 - 43 First Era), the city nearly became under attack when Fowatan forces tried to pierce the frontline of the war.


Opam is located along the Bay Of Mystical Ice, a giant inlet in Northern Umon. Hard cold winds blow in from the Bay that freezes in frozen patterns and reflects the moonlight in beautiful ways in the winter. The Bay holds many different types of fish including Sardines, Squids, Eels, Octopus, and large schools of fish. Even the very rare and expensive Mors Fish can be found in this waters. The bay at its deepest point hits 185 feet, but the median depth averages around 58.


Opam became a very big economic node from the 3rd Century up until around the end of the 12th Century. Before this, the city had a warrior based culture, producing only swords and armor. After Benami I instituted the construction of the Great Harbor Of Opam in 198 First Era, trade exploded. Opam was perhaps the biggest trade center in the entire world, importing goods even from the extremely distance Tribe Of Elbama. Silver from the Silver League acquired from the Agarian Mountains made the Osmax very rich, and able to invest even more into the trade of the Kingdom.

But the economy of Opam also had many downfalls. In the later centuries a lot of food had to be imported into the urban center, and rare delicate resources were scare driving the price for them. Opam didn't have many different types of skilled workers, only those of Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Hunters, and few farmers. Clothes often had to be imported in, including spices such as salt and pepper too.


Opamian originally begun as a tough, warrior like culture. But as the centuries progressed by, the city became more and more civil. Turning into a big urban center, the warrior culture was more often see out in the rural areas of the countries. The city became very accustomed to fishing, and hunting as well. Few Opamians ate anything other than animal products, and the city was mostly dependent on Ale and Beer. Milk became a very fashionable trend, but eventually the price for fresh milk raised too high. Opamians are renowned for their selfish wants, and proud headstrong thoughts. They usually speak at the head of a conversation, and won't settle for much less.


Opam was headed by a Council of its own, very much like the Royal Council of the Osmax. The Council Of Opam consisted of five members, with a head member selected every two years. The Head Council member would decide what direction to go towards, and would have complete control over whatever topic to vote on and focus. To agree on a decision, a majority of the council would have to decide. Every person would get a vote besides the Head which would earn 3. In order to out rule the Head, every other member would have to vote against them. This increased the corruption of Opam, and generally was not an efficient system. Council Members would rule for life, and upon death or incapacitation to govern, they would pass their rule to the next person in line. The next person in line was whoever the member wished, as long as they met the criteria. The Council lasted for nearly 800 years until 789 2nd Era when the Council disbanded to create the Governor Of Opam.


Opams population throughout time:

Notable People

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