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To the Death, we shall fight!

Chief Hilthrope, 1st Battle Of Opam

Tribe Of Arain
Flown over Osmax-Arain Succession War
Capital-in-exileCaptured B1E-1 by the Osmax
Common languagesHelt
Not much is known, but was nomadic long ago
GovernmentTribal Dictatorship
• B1E-15 - B1E-1
Historical eraPre-Osmax
• Formation Of Tribes
approx. B1E-1000
B1E-7 - 1 First Era
December B1E-1
• B1E-7
Approx. 22,000
• B1E-1
Approx. 11,000
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nomadic People
Kingdom Of Osmax
  1. ...

The Tribe Of Arain ("Uh-rain") (B1E-1000 - 1 First Era) was an extremely aggresive tribe. Its people were well known to be unforgiving, and harsh lived compared to the tribes of the Osmax (tribe) or Deno. The tribe lived under fearesome Chiefs, powerful enough to strangle any one man of death. They were well known to hunt massive bison herds, and whenever food ran dry would raid their neighbors. The downfall of the Arain came to one of their own weaknesses, ego. During the 1st Battle Of Opam, the fate of the Arain people was sealed as their arimes were mercifully massacared in a deadly attempt to end a deadly war. The Arain tribe soon became one of the three nations that centralized into the Creation of the first formal nation. Even today, through their desdecants, the Osmax, the rough character and strong williness for bloodshed and brute strength show their roots of primal fashion.

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