Council Of Opam

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Council Of Opam first formed in 1 First Era consisted of 5 members. The Council, lasting from 1 First Era to 789 2nd Era lasted nearly 800 years. The Council governed over the decisions, local laws, among other things of the Osmax capital Opam. Being on the Council was a great honor, and distinguished characters are often found here. Council Members ruled for life, until either death or incapacity limited their right to rule, and upon one of these conditions the next in line would take their place. Anyone could be nominated to be a successor, but must having all of the following criteria to be accurately nominated. Some of these included being a citizen of Opam, at the age of at least 16, and not married to a foreigner.

The Councils power extended completely across the city area of Opam, encompassing not only the large urban city but also its surrounding farms and towns. The Council was led by a Head Council Member, who switched every two years. The Head Councilman would be the person to decide what topics to focus on, and vote on. During the votes, the majority of the 5 must win with every person receiving one vote. Except the head council member, who would receive 3 votes. Due to this voting system, officials were easily corrupted and the Council was never truly democratic. The system was never effiecent, and surprisingly lasting nearly 800 years after its creation until the Council was disbanded and reformed into the Governor Of Opam.

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