Osmax-Arain Succesion War

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Osmax-Arain Succesion War
Part of creation of the first formal nation

Recorded Picture Of 1st Battle Of Opam
DateNovember B1E-7 - December B1E-1
Centeral/Northern Umon
Result Decisive Osmax Victory
Post-November B1E-7 Fall Of Elardo Pre-November B1E-7
Commanders and leaders
Estimated (Min - Max)
  • 6,000 - 9,000 Osmax
  • 1,000 - 4,000 Deno
  • 40 - 250 Calvary
Estimated (Min - Max)
  • 8,000 - 13,000 Arain
  • 5 - 150 Calvary
Casualties and losses
Approx. 6000 died in Osmax Service
Approx. 2,000 died in Deno Service
Approx. 10,000 died in Arain Service
Military deaths: 13,000 - 17,500
Total civilian dead: 3,500 - 8,700
Total dead: 19,000 - 24,000
My people, are too important to me to watch die over a worthless battle...

Chief Borian

It was on a snowy day, described as a chilly and windy day when young Chief Maximin decided to unite the tribes. He quickly began gathering his warriors, creating officers out of the best of them. Deciding it would be easier to take the Deno, the smallest tribe around, and be stronger than the Arain afterward, Chief Maximin waited for the snowfall to cover his attack. The Osmax-Arain Succesion War began somewhere in November, B1E-7 when Maximin and a force of over five hundred warriors stormed the city of Elardo. The Deno quickly surrendered to the Osmax before even a single blow had landed, not wishing to fight a stronger power over a hardship they shared. Chief Borian, leader of the Deno, somely said to Maximin:

The Osmax-Arain Succesion War started in November of B1E-7. The war lasted almost precisely seven years, ending December of B1E-1. With a decisive Osmax victory, and the deaths of thousands of people the war created a lasting impact on the remaining people, and forever history. The war truly showed what a mobilized force could do, and this event is considered a precursor to many other risings of civilizations. This event is closely related with the creation of the first formal nation


Thousands of years before the 1st Era, in the Pre-Osmax Era, tribes had formed. These tribes lived relatively peacefully, with their villages soon growing into sprawling cities. The horrible infrastructure and no plan for an exponentially increasing population, putting a strain deep on the food supply. The tribe's three cities, Elardo, Opam, and Hildago all were situated on rivers with enough water to give to their ever-growing population. This allowed a mental safeguard to the leaders of their tribes until they realized they might not be able to feed their entire population in the future.

Years passed, with enough food from nearby herds of animals and the few crops of the tribespeople supplying them just barely. But, around two decades before the First Era, a giant famine swept through the hills killing nearly all of the livestock and crops. The herds of bison, deer, elk, and pronghorn also thinned. If this wasn't enough, a long harsh winter rolled in killing what had survived. The extreme ice proved to be another challenge, freezing the freshwater streams and oceans that the tribespeople had come to rely on. Some water froze feet thick in some areas, and even though there was a plentiful amount of snow, dry wood to melt it was just as scarce.

Access to food, and even easily accessible water was hard to find, which proved just enough for Chief Maximin, of the Osmax (tribe) to ask for help. The Deno tribe chief, Chief Borian denied the request after a long consideration. Chief Borian had little food to spare, and with a tribe of 16,000 he just couldn't spare the extra supplies. And when Maximin asked the chief of the Arain, Chief Hilthrope, he denied the request instantly. This action prompted a small skirmish from the Arain onto the Osmax, killing around twenty men in a hunting group. Hilthrope declared it a violation of his honor, decreeing "This request, when in times so deep, how little can he think I can spare for HIS people?" The Osmax suffered through the next month, hundreds of people dying.

A month passed until a giant deadly snowfall froze many people to death in their homes, (made primarily from hides and tall wooden poles), which prompted the Arain to launch a small attack on the Deno and Osmax in search of food, killing a hundred people total. Then scripted from a young kitchen helped boy who followed Chief Maximin to his great hall, he sat in a long hour of silence. Maximin realized that the tribes could only survive if they formed together. A letter was then sent by the Chief himself to Chief Borian, and Borian denied claiming it was an invalidation of his honor. He didn't even consider sending one to the hostile Arain who had killed his people without mercy. Three days later, Maximin found it would be impossible to peacefully unite the tribes, and so began the Osmax-Arain Succesion War.

Events Prior

Prior to the war, the relations among the tribes had worsened considerably. The cold winters, and sometimes hot mucky summers created a harsh environment to prosper in for their unique location. Each tribe had people, sometimes by the hundreds die each year due to the frost and ever dulling herds of animals. A deadly frost around the year B1E-8 killed much of the few crops the villages could harvest and ensured a deadly famine that eventually led to the beginning of the war. Maximin had only recently become the leader of the Osmax Tribe and sought new change. He knew that their relations would only worsen and that only total war or total unification could possibly save them all.

Course of the war

When young Chief Maximin decided to unite the tribes, he quickly began gathering his warriors, creating officers out of the best of them. Some of these officers included Poliko Nambius, General Timburs Derangous, and Ferdnes Losnos. These officers proved to be a great asset in future battles and helped gather such a large army. After gathering forces and waiting for a terrain strategical advantage, The Osmax-Arain Succesion War began early November, B1E-7 when Maximin and a force of over five hundred warriors stormed the city of Elardo. The Deno quickly surrendered to the Osmax, with Chief Borian reisgning his title as a Chief of an independent tribe. He remained in control of his forces, which would later heavily aid the Osmax in attacking and defending against the Arain. Word soon got out of the daring move, and the Arain quickly gathered their forces. Within a month, over four thousand warriors had assembled.

The Arain, a tribe slightly stronger than the Osmax, decided to not meet the forces of the Osmax head-on. Especially with the help of the Deno., they created the tactic known as Guerrilla Warfare, where you attack an enemy and then quickly retreat. Using this tatic, the Arain dragged the war out seven long grueling years. Pillaging small villages, slaughtering men and women, and chaining children to slavery. Then one day, Chief Hilthrope abandoned the city of Hildago, the capital of the Arain, deciding to end the war right then and there. He would have to attack the capital of the Osmax, Opam, and kill Maximin himself. This move considered unruly by many, nearly succeeded in a sneak attack until a lower-ranking officer in the Arain Forces, Penani Selvxius, escaped to the forces camped miles and miles outside of Opam and notified General Timburs Derangous of the Osmax only days before the attack. On the soft morning of December 19, B1E-1, Hiltrope quickly advanced to what he suspected as the undefended city of the Osmax after his intelligence found out the Osmax Forces were mostly centered around Apar. As he rode over a hill overlooking the city, he saw only a thousand troops dared to face him. Hilthrope had only met Maximin a few times, and couldn't tell who it was under the mask of the head soldier. But it wasn't the Chief Of The Osmax Tribe, it was the General. In the last three days, the forces of the Osmax traveled fifty miles to outside Opam.

Charging down the hill without a moment to think, heavy fighting ensured. Nearly completly crushing the forces, and cutting off the arm of General Timberus Derangous, the Osmax's plan had worked. A half hour later, a war horn sounded behind Hilthrope right on the hill where he had charged down. On top, Chief Maximin, who sounded the horn himself, and all of the assembled Deno Osmax forces stood. Attempting to escape the now hopeless fight, Chief Hilthrope's force of six thousand men became surrounded by a very equal force of Maximin's men. Maximin's armies met Hilthrope on all flanks. As the men slashed, cut, threw, stabbed, and bled, Hilthrope and Maximin struggeled to stay alive. Fighting for the entire day, as the ground ran with rivers of blood one viewer observed, the Osmax eventually defeated the Arain army. In the late evening, the remaining Osmax forces saw that Hilthrope had survived the deadly fighting. He stood in a circle of less than a hundred of his men.

Maximin declared that if Hilthrope didn't surrender, then everyone in the circle would die. Hilthrope called out to the Chief, weary, but a proud voice: "I would rather die to the hands of a murderer, than surrender!" Hilthrope died a few minutes later as the circle of a hundred men were slaughtered. Maximin later recalled that he didn't even think for a second to kill them all. His head was later paraded throughout Hildago that month when Maxmin entered the city effectively ending the war. The battle later became known as the 1st Battle Of Opam, a deadly ensuring defeat to the Tribe Of Arain. Centuries after, the few that knew about the Battle saw it as a necessary defeat.

Aftermath And Impact

The war totaled around twenty thousand deaths in total, reducing the population of the Osmax to around 16,000. The Deno suffered around three thousand, due to losses by the Arain, having a new population of 11,000; and the Arain suffered horrendous losses at 11,000, half of their entire population. Before the Year 1 they had only 11,000, primarily women and children. Maximin after his coronation ceremony later apologized for these horrible losses. And it wasn't until nearly two decades later that the populations of the tribes, now the Kingdom Of Osmax, had recovered. This war later became widely known as the first documented war, and would be remembered by Generals and Leaders to call upon in other times of war.

Maximin, and his dynasty, the Maximin-Tiberius Dynasty, started at the end of this war and would reign on for centuries to come.

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