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My people, are too important to me to watch die over a worthless battle...

Chief Borian, Osmax-Arain Succesion War

Tribe Of Deno
Approx B1E-5000–B1E-1
Created To Distinguish forces during Osmax-Arain Succesion War
Common languagesHelten
• (B1E - 20 - 1 First Era)
Chief Borian
Historical eraPre-Osmax
• Formation Of Tribes
Approx B1E-5000
B1E-7 - 1 First Era
December B1E-1
• B1E-7
Approx. 14,000
• B1E-1
Approx. 11,000
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nomadic People
Kingdom Of Osmax
  1. ...

The Tribe Of Deno ("Dee-No") (B1E-5000 - B1E-7) was the oldest organization of people ever discovered. Forming thousands of years ago, the few people of the tribe prospered over the next five millenniums into a giant tribe covering hundreds of square miles. But, the tribe due to internal stabilization somewhere around B1E-1000 shattered into two new nations, and only small parts of the one larger empire remained. These tribes formed into the Arain, and the Osmax (tribe). The Deno was known to be mostly farmers and small game hunters. Although they hunted bison and elk herds for nearly their entire existence, the tribe relied mostly on extremely early foraging and agriculture. If not for the innovative techniques and teaching of the Deno, the Kingdom Of Osmax may never have grown larger for possibly centuries. The Tribe Of Deno met its downfall at the very beginning of the Osmax-Arain Succesion War when Max I demanded their surrender. The tribe was one of the three nations involved in the Creation of the first formal nation. The last Chief of the Tribe, was Chief Borian.

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