Maximin-Tiberius Dynasty

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

War has torn us apart, and has killed thousands. I am sorry my people for the death I have caused, and the destruction I have laid. But now, we shall rebuild better than ever before. As we, are a Kingdom united!

—Max I, first ruler of Osmax after his coronation ceremony

Maximin-Tiberius Dynasty
The Coat Of Arms
Parent familyHouse Of Serlius
CountryKingdom Of Osmax
Current regionUmon
Place of originOpam
Founded1 First Era
FounderMax I Of The Osmax
Current headNone
TitlesKing Of The Osmax
TraditionsFearlessness and Honor
Motto"Fear without death, honor without vain"
HeirloomsCrown Of Max I, Sword Of Osmax, Ring Of Tiberius
Estate(s)Oxa Omas
DissolutionTiberius Serlius III

The Maximin-Tiberius Dynasty was first created by Max I, and would go on to become a widely known dynasty among the people of Liberos. Some of the most well-known leaders including King Max I, King Max The Great, and Tiberius The Invader come from this Dynasty of the House Of Serlius. The dynasty, however, ended after Tiberius Serlius III was killed by a mob protest

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