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War has torn us apart, and has killed thousands. I am sorry my people for the death I have caused, and the destruction I have laid. But now, we shall rebuild better than ever before. As we, are a Kingdom united!

—Max I, first ruler of Osmax after his coronation ceremony

Max I
Max I, 45 years old
King Of The Osmax
ReignChief (B1E-10 - 1 First Era)
(approx. 10 years)
King (1-31 First Era)
(31 years)
CoronationDecember of B1E-1
SuccessorMax II
DiedMarch, 31 First Era (Aged 67)
His Quarters
SpousesCathrine Antlox (B1E-9 - 26 First Era)
Maximin Serlius I
renamed to just Max Serlius I
DynastyMaximin-Tiberius Dynasty, apart of the Serlius House
Father2nd to last Tribal Chief
Mother2nd to last Tribal Chief's wife
Osmax-Arain Succesion War, creation of the first formal nation, 1st Battle Of Opam

Max Serlius I (B1E-36 - March, 31 First Era) also formerly known as Maximin was the last ruler of the Osmax (tribe), and the first King Of Kingdom Of Osmax. He is most well known for beggining the Osmax-Arain Succesion War, and his leading role in creation of the first formal nation. Becoming leader of the Osmax tribe at a young age of 26, Max proved to be a skilled and strict leader, helping to expand the tribe. Later fostering the growth of the Kingdom Of Osmax, Max is often regarded as the beginning of the greatest Dynasty of Osmax Rulers ever, the Maximin-Tiberius Dynasty. Throughout his life, Max helped educate and mentor his children, and even grand children. Max died in March, 31 of the First Era. Aged 67, his son Max II rose to the throne. Reigning ten years, Max died in the Osmax-Fowatan War, and Max's grandson, Max III, proved just how strong their bloodline was to be.

Early Years

Little is relatively known about the early years of Maximins life. He was born sometime in the Fall of B1E-36, to the Chief's wife. The only son of an ancient man, whos age is estimated to be older than 55, Maxmin had to learn much in the few years of his life before being Chief himself. The occupied tribal leader didn't have time to be having children, until he realized his rule may not extend if he had no children.

One early event that is known in Maxmin's early years includes one time when they went hunting for bison herds. A cold frost lay on the hills for several days as Max and a group of hunters traveled to the hunting grounds. He later recalled this day as "the coldest day in hell" with his hair frozen to his hat, and bare fingers stiff like hard leather. The group then traveled for another day, and as they finally reached the hunting grounds, they saw herds of animals. Hunting the entire day, taking down bison, deer, and elk, the group took shelter in a cave for the night. But the excitement had only begun, when a giant cave bear revealed out of the shadows. The "Great Bear" as he described it had awoken from its hibernation smelling the hundreds and hundreds of pounds of meat. Maximin generally gets quiet as he retells this part of the story, when: "It leapt fast on its paws, taking three men down at a time. It stood as tall as the cave, ripping men and woman through its jaws. Crunching down on bones, making them sound brittle, like clay." Max and four other men eventually took the bear down, ripping spears and iron swords through its throat. But the damage had been done, with more than a dozen people injured, half of them dead within the night. Max later saw this trip as what monsters could do, if they weren't stopped.

Later throughout his early life, Maximin learned many trades, such as fishing, hunting, and mining. He also learned a vast knowledge of new weaponry, such as the expensive new material that many thought unbreakable; iron.

Ascendance to Chief

Around the year B1E-10, Maxmin's father died, presumably to a stroke. Maxmin, now 26, had been preparing for this moment his entire life. His father had been teaching his skills, lessons, and information about the world around him. He talked about the nearby tribes, the Deno and the Arain to his son, talking about their history and culture.

Although he was only 26 years of age, Maximin already showed the wisdom of a seasoned chief. As Chief, Maximin was kind but strict to his fellow tribe members. Around a year after his ascendance, he declared a higher organization and martial law upon his subjects. Effectively helping to move towards a Kingdom.

Throughout his relatively progressive rule, Maximin helped expand the tribe's border and culture miles away from Opam. Also building a new irrigation system for farming, although small, he begun the beginning of a small farming revolution. Increasing the trend of tribal law and rule, he also helped centralize the tribe. But even with all of these efforts, the people simply weren't ready to subject themselves to a King.


Famines begun around the year B1E-4, and lasted nearly a decade. The cold winds and harsh winters prevailed, killing many of the animals that the Osmax relied on. The few crops that the Osmax had grown instantly died when planted, and hard times were on the people. To make matters worse, small skirmishes over herds of animals occurred between the tribes, (Deno, Arain). Maximin couldn't do much to help as he helplessly watched his people suffer. He gave out what food he could, and traded with the bitter tribes for whatever they could agree on, but this barley helped.

Osmax-Arain Succesion War

Maximin started the famous Osmax-Arain Succesion War after the tribes denied the proposal to unite. The tribes had been hit hard by famines, and looked at each other as enemies. To prepare for war, he quickly began gathering his warriors, creating officers out of the best of them. Some of these officers included Poliko Nambius, General Timburs Derangous, and Ferdnes Losnos. These officers proved to be a great asset in future battles and helped gather a large army. After gathering forces and waiting for a terrain strategical advantage, The Osmax-Arain Succesion War began early November, B1E-7 when Maximin and a force of over five hundred warriors stormed the city of Elardo. The Deno quickly surrendered to the Osmax, with Chief Borian reisgning his title as a Chief of an independent tribe. He remained in control of his forces, which would later heavily aid Maximin in attacking and defending against the Arain. Word soon got out of the daring move, and the Arain quickly gathered their forces. Within a month, over four thousand warriors had assembled. Maximin often felt cautious, and foreboding of an impending attack. He talked to his General whenever possible, and thought of every siuation in any case that Hilthrope could reach inside the city.

The Arain, a tribe slightly stronger than the Osmax, decided to not meet the forces of the Osmax head-on, especially with the help of the Deno. The Arain dragged the war out seven years using this tactic, pillaging small villages, slaughtering men and women, chaining children to slavery. In these hard times, Maximin fought to find peace throughout the constant news of attacks. One day Chief Hilthrope abandoned the city of Hildago, deciding to end the war he would have to attack the capital of the Osmax, Opam. Maximin was notified of the attack days before the soldiers were to attack, and gathered every single warriors he could muster. With his advisors, he plotted a plan to crush the larger Arain army. On the morning of December 19, B1E-1, Hiltrope quickly advanced to what he suspected as the undefended city of the Osmax after his intelligence found out the Osmax Forces were centered around Apar but quickly found out he was wrong. As he rode over a hill overlooking the city, only a thousand troops dared to face him. Maximin plans succeeded as the Arain charged down the hill, almost completely crushing the few Osmax forces. A half an hour later, Maximin arrived to the Battle to help his desperate General. Blowing a war horn, ontop of the hill he had come from, Chief Maximin and all of the assembled Deno Osmax forces stood. Attempting to escape the now hopeless fight, Chief Hilthrope's force of six thousand men was surrounded by a very equal force of Maximin's men. As his horse and men screamed down the hill, he sent a silent prayer to Bemous. His armies met Hilthrope on all flanks and the fighting had only just begun. Fighting for a day, as the ground ran with rivers of blood one viewer observed, the Osmax eventually crushed the Arain army. Maximin slashed at man after man, only half able to tell them apart, as he was slashed across the face and leg. In the late evening, as the sun setted, the remaining Osmax forces saw that Hilthrope had survived the deadly fighting. He stood in a circle of less than a hundred men. Maximin declared that if Hilthrope didn't surrender, then everyone in the circle would die. Hilthrope called out to him, weary but proud, "I would rather die to the hands of a murderer, than surrender!" Hilthrope died a few minutes later after the circle of a hundred men was slaughtered. Maximin remembers doing this without a second thought. The Arain Chief's head was paraded throughout Hildago later that month when Maxmin entered the city effectively ending the war. This was the only Battle Max ever fought in.

Uniting The Tribes

After the Fall Of Hildago at the end of the Osmax-Arain Succesion War, Maximin declared the tribes one. Securing the Empire, sending his few troops throughout all villages of it and stating his rule as King, Maximin scheduled the formation of the Kingdom a month later. Crowds of thousands gathered as the representative of the Arain issued a total surrender. Crying out in cheer, the Osmax celebrated. Maximin renamed himself after this, saying "My old name represents a tribe of decline, while my new and reformed name, Max, shows promise and prosperity to come." A day later, at his coronation ceremony the Kingdom Of Osmax was officially formed when the Crown Of The Osmax was placed upon the grazed head of the new King. And Max I, issued a sorry for all of the losses that had been sustained throughout the war, promising a new and better nation to arise under his rule.

Old Age

Max lived his years out as King in peace. With slow expansion, and raising his son to be the next King, Max wrote books and studied new forms of peace. Max is often is seen as an ancient, yet formidable man to approach to many. He grew a long, scruffy grey beard and towered over many people for the time. His daily business included breakfast, sharpening his sword by a grand fireplace, teaching his son, and finishing off with dinner and possibly reading age old stories. In his final years, Max III could recount the mans beard of grand size, and his age old wisdom. Max's last day brought him suddenly falling down a flight of stairs. He was noticeably sick, after likely contracting a disease, and had thick foam gushing from his mouth at first. After an hour, he eventually calmed down, whispering his last words to his son. "Honor."


Max became known as a man of Power. His legacy of fighting against the relentless Arain tribe, spread across the world for centuries. His name became recognized in the Cathedral Of A Thousand Stars, as "The Ole One." Also known as the First King Of The Osmax, Max became idolized as perhaps the greatest King Of Osmax ever. His legacy created the Maximin-Tiberius Dynasty, one of the greatest Dynasties of rulers ever.


  • Max used tree sap to slick his hair, making it sometimes very dirty and sticky
  • Max always wanted to be something more but never expected a King
  • He never allowed his parent's names to be told so it would appear "I was the beginning of it all"
  • He taught his son to fight without fear but forget to tell him to fight with brains
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