Opam Royal Burial Chambers

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Never shown to the public, the Burial Chambers are presumed to look very similar to this

Many leaders reside in the Royal Burial Chambers in Opam.

Kings Buried
Max I Of The Osmax - 1st King Of The Osmax, reign (1 - 31)
Max II Of The Osmax (presumably, as the remains could never be confirmed or denied) reign (31 - 41)
Max III Of The Osmax - 3rd King Of The Osmax, considered one of the Great Kings, reign (41 - 101)
Tiberius I Of The Osmax - also known as Tiberius The Invader, reign (101 - 145)
John Of The Osmax reign (145 - 149)

Generals Buried
General Timburs Derangous - Great General Of The Kingdom Of Osmax and Osmax (tribe)
General Panerius Links - A deep friend to King Max III Of The Osmax

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