Tiberius I

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I hate these damn infidels...

— Tiberius I, Wall Of Spears

Tiberius The Invader
Tiberius, 28 years old
King Of The Osmax
ReignJuly 7, 101 - August 2, 145 First Era
(Approx. 44 years)
CoronationDecember 10, 101 First Era
PredecessorMax III
SuccessorJohn I
Born75 First Age
DiedAugust 2, 145 First Era
(Aged 70)
In the Great Hall Of Opam
SpousesHelnas Boriso
Tiberius Serlius I
DynastyMaximin-Tiberius Dynasty, apart of the Serlius House
FatherMax Serlius III
MotherAlain Camprehenda

Tiberius Serlius I (75 - August 2, 145 First Era) was the forth King for the Kingdom Of Osmax, having an extremely long reign at 44 years. Tiberius is described as a ruthless ruler ruling with an iron fist. It is a miracle he lived so long as his health started to decline in his late 30s, making him nearly incapacitated in his later years. His sons described him as a distant, uninterested father that often would neglect them. After Tiberius died, he left the throne not to his son, Tiberius Serlius II, but to his brother, John Of The Osmax. Shortly, however, 4 years into his reign his brother passed away and the throne switched peacefully over to Tiberius II Of The Osmax.

The Wall Of Spears

Tiberius I, also known as "Tiberius The Invader", started to conquer many of the surrounding tribes including the Wall Of Spears in 113 First Era. A formation of over 43 tribes began to oppose the Osmax expansion, known as The Wall Of Spears. Led only by one man, Feyahali Manaopa. Feyahali had brought the tribes together after the growing expansion of the Osmax threatened many tribes' sovereignty. In 113 First Era, Tiberius had grown tired of the small skirmishes and raids by the Spears. He decided to meet with Feyahali himself and demanded that the formation hand over all immediate assets and territory or there would be a price to pay. Feyahali spat back at him and demanded he to leave immediately. As Tiberius walked off with his security escort, blades drawn, Tiberius yelled: "This means war!" and stormed off to his generals in Opam. Fourteen days later, the Annihilation At Stonecrest began, a four-day battle that killed 9,000 tribal warriors and 14,000 women and children. The atrocity however was hidden from the general public and wasn't uncovered until the end of Tiberius's reign. The publicity over the event died down over the decades, and soon, almost became a myth among fact.

Rest Of His Reign

Among the end of Tiberius reign, Tiberius instituted the Provincial Act Of 140. The Act begun to divide, and manage the territory of the Osmax. Before, control of the territory was managed completely by the King himself, allowing centralization to take place but became increasingly hard to assert complete control. Especially after the Wall Of Spears, Tiberius needed the country to calm down. In 140 First Era, Tiberius wrote the Provincial Act Of 140 into effect.

The Ban Of Jokilo

After hearing a foreigner fluent in Jokilo converse in conversation with their daughter while looking at him, and surrounded by language experts of Alarian, Empala, and Semther, Tiberius was outraged at the foreigners and ordered them dead for speaking behind his back about him. Tiberius declared that all people who spoke Jokilo from that day forward could never be citizens of the Kingdom. This, of course, was a mishap resulting in many people falsely being accused, others dying after dening the allegations, and many more consequences.


  • Tiberius hated Dwarves and would publicly insult them
  • Tiberius banned Jokilo because it was too complex to understand
  • After hearing that his Sons were "childish" and "unworthy" Tiberius made his heir his brother, John Of The Osmax
  • He died after eating a chicken leg and proclaimed: "I think it is the end."
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