John Serlius

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

I shouldn't be king...

John Of The Osmax, After being Crowned King

John The Old
John, 66 years old
King Of The Osmax
ReignAugust 2, 145 - Febuary 9, 149 First Era
(Approx. 4 years)
CoronationAugust 2, 145 First Era
PredecessorTiberius I
SuccessorTiberius II
Born80 First Age
DiedFebuary 9, 149 First Era
(Aged 68)
Outskirts Of Apar
SpousesPoyama Aliquse
Tiberius Serlius I
DynastyMaximin-Tiberius Dynasty, apart of the Serlius House
FatherMax Serlius III
MotherAlain Camprehenda

John Serlius (80 - Febuary 9, 149 First Era)

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