John Serlius

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

I shouldn't be king...

John Of The Osmax, After being Crowned King

John The Old
John, 66 years old
King Of The Osmax
ReignAugust 2, 145 - Febuary 9, 149 First Era
(Approx. 44 years)
CoronationAugust 2, 145 First Era
PredecessorMax III Of The Osmax
SuccessorTiberius II Of The Osmax
Febuary 9, 149 First Era
Born80 First Age
DiedFebuary 9, 149 First Era
(Aged 68)
Outskirts Of Apar
SpousesPoyama Aliquse
Tiberius Serlius I
DynastyMaximin-Tiberius Dynasty, apart of the Serlius House
FatherMax Serlius III
MotherAlain Camprehenda

John Serlius (80 - Febuary 9, 149 First Era)

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