Provincial Act Of 140

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Provincial Act Of 140, established by Tiberius I of the Kingdom Of Osmax in 140 First Era, established the territory of the Osmax divided into the Provinces Of Osmax. After the Wall Of Spears, a collection of native tribes allied against Osmax forces who later perished in the ensuring fight, the Kingdom had low stability. Because then King managed the territory, order was hard to keep due to the long time in distance traveling. In order to quell the unrest, and establish Osmax order, Tiberius I Of The Osmax divided the territory into separate Provinces. Each Providence was ruled by a Consul, who had many powers such as changing economic practices, creation of laws, and even managing the local garrison. During the time of the Kingdom Of Osmax, all of these powers could be overruled from the King Of Osmax, Royal Council, and even the General Of Osmax.

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