Provinces Of Osmax

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Provinces Of Osmax varied drastically over time, first being instituted in the Provincial Act Of 140 by Tiberius I. The Provinces were ranked by size, generally, all being geographically the same size which extremely differing characteristics. A province was headed by a Consul, who had nearly supreme power over the province and could only be overruled by the Royal Council. King Of Osmax, and rarely the General Of Osmax. Although all Consuls were held in the same position, the Consul Of Opam for example was much more powerful than the Consul Of Mak.


The Provinces Of Osmax were established to fix the highly centralized Kingdom which forced slow communication, among many other issues. The Establishment of all Provinces can be tracked through: Establishment Of Osmax Provinces.

Provincial Act Of 140

After the Wall Of Spears, the Kingdom Of Osmax was being affected by the size of the Kingdom as messages from the King and Royal Council took very long to travel. To fix these issues, Tiberius I wrote into effect the Provincial Act Of 140 to divide the Kingdom and allow lower forms of government to deal with smaller issues. In the short term this fixed the problem, but as the Kingdom grew in great size it ultimately became a major problem.

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