General Of Osmax

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The insignia of a Osmax General after 245 First Era.

The General of Osmax was considered the highest rank you could achieve in the military, with the most senior tactician normally receiving the job although there are numerous cases in the history of the King appointing his own General and negative effects have resulted from this. The first General Of Osmax is that of the great Timburs Derangous. Until the creation of the insignia in 245 First Era, the General Of Osmax would wear dark red dyed cloth extending down from the back of their neck, almost like a small cape but shaped like a two prong spear.

Portrait Term Succession
Name Took Command Left Command Duration Preceded By Succeeded By
Timburs Derangous
Timburs Derangous1 First Era39 First Eraapprox. 39 yearsNonePanerius Links
Panerius Links
Panerius Links39 First Era52 First Eraapprox. 13 yearsTimburs DerangousLankus Boxus
Lankus Boxus
Lankus Boxus52 First Era67 First Eraapprox. 15 yearsPanerius LinksBanrius Kila
Banrius Kila
Banrius Kila67 First Era82 First Eraapprox. 15 yearsLankus BoxusTela Beni
Tela Beni
Tela Beni82 First Era95 First Eraapprox. 13 yearsBanrius KilaCockus Eradeti
Cockus Eradeti
Cockus Eradeti95 First Era112 First Eraapprox. 17 yearsTela BeniN/A
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