Panerius Links

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The King is dead! Long live Max III!

Battle Of Kivon, As he witnessed Max II get slain in battle

Panerius Links

Birth namePanerius Links
Nickname(s)Stone Head
Died56 First Era
(Aged 60)
AllegianceKingdom Of Osmax
Service/branchArmed Forces
Years Of Service21 - 52 First Era
General Of Osmax
UnitOsmax Command
Known forHis simple tatics
Battles/warsBattle Of Kivon, Battle Of Apar
AwardsAward Of Mendas, Award Of War
Spouse(s)Yehimn Unchullrang
ChildrenDangius Links

Panerius Links (B1E-4 - 56 First Era) Panerius Links, also known to many as "Stonehead" become the 2nd General Of Osmax after Timburs Derangous died in 39 First Era. He served as the head of the Osmax Military for 13 years before retiring at the old age of 58, dying two years later while ice fishing. He was the General of the Osmax for the reign of Max II, and the beginning of Max III. He served in two battles in the Osmax-Fowatan War, the Battle Of Kivon and the Battle Of Apar. In the two defining battles of the war, he was awarded the Award Of Mendas for fighting brilliantly in hand-to-hand combat, and the Medal Of War for his valiant service in wartime. In a General sense his tactics were simple but effective and earned him the nickname "Stonehead" for his plans so simple, a rock could have made them. He is one of the few Generals buried in the Opam Royal Burial Chambers.

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