Max II

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The only man I'll surrender to, is Bemous himself!

—Max II, after encircled by Fowatan Warriors

Max II
Max II, 34 years old
King Of The Osmax
Reign(31 - 41 First Era)
(approx. 10 years, 117 days)
CoronationApril 3, 31 First Era
PredecessorMax I
SuccessorMax III
DiedDecember 7, 41 First Era
(Aged 47)
Battle Of Kivon
Body presumably found, never completely verified. Buried in Opam Royal Burial Chambers
Spousesneeds wife
Max Serlius II
DynastyMaximin-Tiberius Dynasty, apart of the Serlius House
FatherMax Serlius I
MotherCathrine Antlox
Osmax-Fowatan War, Battle Of Kivon

Max Serlius II (B1E-6 - December 7, 41 First Era) was the second king of the Kingdom Of Osmax. His reign is short compared to his predecessor and successor. Max II is well known for attempting to create peace among the nearby nation, Kingdom Of Fowatan, but his attempts were short-lived after they declared a war of aggression against the Osmax. Max helped to rally the military forces, and train his officers for war, but these attempts proved to be futile. The War dragged on for years, until 41 First Era when the Battle Of Kivon happened. Max wanted to sneak through the enemy lines of the Fowatans and attack deep into their territory, but, the Fowatans discovered the plan and plunged right into a deadly battle. The battle raged for twenty minutes as men were slaughtered by men. Max II was seen fighting down lines and lines of giant brutes, slaying three cavalrymen with a slash of his sword, he proved he wouldn't be taken down so easily. Instead of focusing on diplomatic skills throughout his life, Max dedicated himself to the teachings of the Book Of Sorrow in the Osmanian Religion. Learning to fight with a sword, and swearing to himself he wouldn't fail until his head was taken off, Max let off one desperate charge straight for Fentalius, King Of The Fowatan. In his desperate charge as he was slashed, stabbed, and beaten. Killing anyone in his path, all of his guards fell victim, and soon found himself encircled. Encircled by Fowatan troops, Max screamed out the only thing the King is remembered for: "The only man I'll surrender to, is Bemous himself!" Thirty men involved him as he slashed and cut this flesh. Soon he disappeared into the bodies, never seen again.


  • Max's body was never found, only speculator remains.
  • Max hated swimming, and would become severely angered at the mention of it
  • An avid runner, he was renowned for his physical strength by all
  • Killed a beggar after grabbing his arm
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