From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Bemous, the head god of the Osmanian Religion, was first theorized around B1E-200 when a young boy was found barely alive in the Agarian Mountains in the winter. The boy accustomed his life to being saved by a mystical figure traveling nearby and said he used magical power to keep the boy warm throughout the freezing winter days. The man soon left days after, having shown the boy through visions how to create a fire from nothing, to keep warm for himself. Weeks later, the starved boy recalled that the man had shown him how to survive, and helped him in his greatest time of need, but that it was ultimately up to him whether or not he would succeed. The perception would show that Bemous was a king hearted god that would save his people in the most desperate of times, but still would have to let them decide their own fate.

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