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A consul was a high position of power within multiple kingdoms. A famous example being the Kingdom Of Osmax, with Consuls ruling over Provinces in the Kingdom. These consuls had many different powers throughout the Kingdoms, some with similar power to dictators. The job of consul first originated from the Osmax, created in 140 First Era with the creation of Provincial Act Of 140. Very notable consuls include (EXAMPLE), (EXAMPLE), and (EXAMPLE).

Kingdom Of Osmax

Consuls in the Kingdom Of Osmax appeared in 140 First Era after the Provincial Act Of 140. The Provincial Act Of 140 separated the Kingdom into provinces to further help alleviate the brewing turmoil after the Wall Of Spears. Each Consul upon its creation was granted dictator like powers, and could only be overruled by the King, Royal Council, and the General Of Osmax. Otherwise the Consul had unlimited rulership over the province as long as the kingdoms taxes were met. The first Consul comes by the name of Minus Dex, a powerful and wealthy man of the Dex House.

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