Wall Of Spears

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Wall Of Spears Conflict
Part of the military conflict between the Wall Of Spears and Kingdom Of Osmax in 113 First Era.

Painting of the atrocity committed at Stonecrest in 113 First Era.
DateAugust 5, 113 First Era
Central/Southern Umon
Result Osmax Victory
  • Osmax completely annex the Wall Of Spears formation See the aftermath
  • Wall Of Spears Wall Of Spears
Commanders and leaders
  • Wall Of Spears Feyahali Manaopa K.I.A
  • Wall Of Spears Mankili Regasha K.I.A
  • Wall Of Spears Carnihtina Lopina K.I.A
  • Wall Of Spears Raginia Farshia K.I.A
  • Wall Of Spears Keylina Parthinia K.I.A
  • Wall Of Spears Barx Farthbnihania K.I.A
  • Wall Of Spears Redgard Paulinopa K.I.A
  • Wall Of Spears Derxonlina Jarklina K.I.A

Estimated (Min - Max)
  • ~10,000 - 12,000 Warriors
  • ~400 Calvary
Estimated (Min - Max)
  • ~9,000 - 12,000 Warriors
  • ~100 Calvary
  • ~40 Bears
  • ~55 Eagles
Casualties and losses
Approx. 3,000 - 4,000 killed or wounded Approx. 8,000 - 9,500 killed or wounded warriors, 10,000 - 12,000 Women and Children
Military deaths: 11,000 - 14,000
Total civilian dead: 10,000 - 12,000
Total dead: 21,000 - 26,000 dead
Women and Children slaughtered afterwards, numbers are skewed
This means war!

Tiberius I after his ultimantum had been rejected

In 110 First Era, a decade after Max III has passed, his son Tiberius I, also known as Tiberius The Invader, conquered many of the surrounding tribes including the Wall Of Spears. A formation of over 43 tribes to oppose the Osmax expansion. The Wall Of Spears was led only by one man, Feyahali Manaopa, a man of old age. Feyahali had brought the tribes together after the growing expansion of the Osmax threatened many tribes' sovereignty. In 113 First Era, Tiberius had grown tired of the small skirmishes and raids by the Spears. He decided to meet with Feyahali himself and demanded that all the tribes hand over all immediate assets and territory or there would be a price to pay. Feyahali spat back at him and demanded him to leave immediately. As Tiberius walked off with his security escort, blades drawn, Tiberius yelled: "This means war!" and stormed off to his generals in Opam. Fourteen days later, the Annhilation At Stonecrest started, a four-day battle that killed 9,000 tribal warriors and 14,000 women and children. The atrocity however was hidden from the general public and wasn't uncovered until the end of Tiberius's reign.

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