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Region Of Umon

Umon, pronounced as "Uw-Mon" is one of the 14 regional areas on Liberos. Umon is the most central region located on Liberors, and is most well known for its very early human activity including the rise of the Kingdom Of Osmax. Umon was first settled by many various tribes, and it is still unknown why they chose Umon over various warmer climates such as those of Henor and Avallone . The region is home to the famous Osmax people, who would come to own most of the region for the rest of the millennium. The region is not rich in resources like regions such as Omis and Peltas, but the Agarian Mountains produced most of the world's silver production for 500 years, all by the Silver League. The region's climate is very unique due to its harsh winters, but fairly warm summers and cool springs. Food such as corn, potatoes, and Saulk was primarily grown in the region. Access to the sea on all sides gave the Osmax unlimited fishing space, allowing them to amass quite the economy and Naval power.


Umon, pronounced as "Uw-Mon" was first theorized by the ancient mapping legend Franius Lanius. Franius traveled across many of the regions and continents of Liberos including Peltas, Susland, Faltos, and even the distant region Nimtas. Franius used the Semther word for Central, "Umus", and the Helten word for strong, "Omn." Combining them to form Umon. The region was also called at some point Ima but was changed back to Umon in fear of being related to the Blamo Religion.







One of its primary languages was Helten.


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