Franius Lanius

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Land! As far as the eye can see!

—Franius after discovering the continent of Alathor


Franius Ban Lanius
Franius discovering a distant coast, circa 235 First Era
Pronunciation"Fray-Knee-Ist Boan Lay-Knee-Ist"
Born178 First Era
Died216 First Era (Aged 38)
Cause of deathMunity - Slashed to death
MonumentsFranius's Message
NationalityKingdom Of Mani
Other namesFrankius Lankius
CitizenshipKingdom Of Mani
EducationMentor - Guron Hali
OccupationExplorer, Navigator, Cartographer
Years active197 - 216 First Era
EraFirst Era
EmployerMani Colonial Land Association
Known forMapping extensive parts of the Globe
Notable work
Map Of Lanius
  • Harmli Lanius (father)
  • Farnamia Lanius (mother)
FamilyLanius Family
AwardsGift Of King Redhippen

Franius traveled across many of the regions and continents of Liberos mapping and exploring regions never before seen including Peltas, Susland, Faltos, including even the distant region Sirion. Franius spoke Semther originating Opar in the Kingdom oF Mani, born in 178 First Era. Lanius was a strong believer in Solma, and prophesied that the world was never-ending with constant exploration always to be had. Although incorrect, he was the first person to create a rough map of the known world that stretched to Sirion and nearly Nimtas.

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