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ScripturePages Of Solma
RegionMostly congregated on Bytos and Alathor
LanguageSemther, Empala, & briefly Alarian
FounderSolma Bof
Solmas Cliff
Head GodMoruth

The Solma (Soul-Muh) Religion is one of the primary Religions on Liberos. The Solma Religion first originated in Pomarus, Susland, Bytos in the 2nd Century B1E, by the Prophet Solma Bof. The religion's practices and beliefs are solely based on the Pages Of Solma, first written and theorized by Solma Bof. Solma became extremely popular among the local tribes of Bytos and quickly spread among the entire continent. The religion would grow to be one of the largest in the entire world, encompassing land on nearly every continent. The religion follows practices that include power-grabbing, and unlocking peoples' "full potential." Followers of Solma are called Solomans, while anyone who does not follow Solma is called Penti; or traitor in Ancient Semther.


The name Solma (Soul-Mah) was not actually created by what many scholars presume was Solma Bof, the first Prophet of the religion. The name was actually conjured up by the local tribes near Pomarus when they discovered the unfinished works and scripture of the Pages Of Solma. When Solma returned, to his dismay the tribesmen were just about to burn the book as they could not read it. Solma shouted at them, promising them he would read them the book if they would not burn it. The tribespeople happily agreed and listened intently to Solma. When he finished the book, they asked him why it wasn't done yet. Solma replied: "Moruth has not told Solma what is next, Solma will wait." When the tribespeople returned to their village, they mistakingly told the Chiefton Solma was the name of the book. And thus, the whole religion would be named solely after Solma Bof.


Death and Afterlife


Gods Of Solma

Moruth is the main, head god of Solma. He is believed to have created all of creation, taking twenty thousand years to perfect everything. He is described as a tall divinely man that can shapeshift between a human and a bull. He often will intervene in human affairs, with Solomans interpreting this as his will to shape the earth in his image. His qualities include Strength, Vigilance, and Power. It is not known what Moruth looks like, for his power is much too powerful to be comprehended by an individual.

Vuthin is the god of fire and chaos, living inside the deepest hottest volcano with a house encased in blistering magma. He looks like a hybrid mix of a goat and a human, standing nearly twenty feet tall (6.1 meters). Solomans are reluctant to talk about Vuthin, due to his intense and primordial nature. He represents the qualities of Anger, Distrust, Greed, and Vengeance. He lives in seclusion among the Gods, due to the Vuthin's Rebellion.

Simist is the god of peace and gracefulness. She lives on the tallest most secluded tree, far away from any civilization. She is the most well-liked goddess, mostly by women of her peaceful and kind nature. Her presence goes against all of the main associated beliefs of Solma, however. This is why her statues and temples are often destroyed and ransacked. She resembles a dove, meaning any time a dove is near she is also near.



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