From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Alathor is the oldest continent to harbor human civilization, with the first nation forming in 1 First Era, the Kingdom Of Osmax. Alathor is another continent that can support all major ecosystems, but not as wide as some parts of Bytos. Alathor throughout history is considered the center of civilization until in later Eras that its "popularity" dies down. Alathor hosts the biggest rainforest in all of Liberos, The Rainforest Of Disappearance, and the largest desert in all of Liberos, The Great Desert Of Hanalana. Alathor is very unique not only in its shape and massive size, but its trends in grasslands and forests. Their disparity provides an interesting challenge and blessing to its inhabitants. Alathor is also home to the 2nd largest river in the world, the [[Jed River]

Biome Distribution

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