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Many languages encompass the world, including Helten, Semther, and Alarian. The primary language throughout Liberos was Helten, which spread across the continents of Bytos, Alathor, and the Islands Of Oceania. The language was easily learned, but hard to master. As time developed, the language was spread across the seas and mountains, but the language did not spread everywhere. Although the language was easily understood, this allowed outsiders to believe learning it embraced laziness. This convienced nations to slowly adopted towards harder, more unique languages.


The most common language, Helten originated on the continent of Alathor, and quickly spread to the rest of the world within merely a millennium. Although the most common, its difficulty to learn by the Alarian language is unrivaled. This quickly led to cultural conflicts throughout Bytos as invaders from Umon conquered and instilled colonies. The language thrived for how easy it was to learn for many, but this effort was considered lazy as the Second Era drew to an end. This would convince nations to switch from Helten to harder tongues such as Semther or Alarian.


A confusing language, Semther originates in the continent of Bytos, with its roots deep in the original creators, the Tribe Of Elbama. The language was easy to understand and learn, but very very hard to master. The grammar of the language is considered to be one of the hardest and thus led to Semther providences hard to assimilate under different languages. This forced Semther to become associated with purges, and genocides. Semther spread throughout Northern Bytos, and was a hard language to exterminate by further imperial goals.


An aggressive language, Alarian originated on Bytos similar to Semther, and would become a rival to Helten as well. The difficult language barrier between the two languages created conflict. War would spread as colonies would be placed, and attempt to convert the local people, soon resulting in revolt. Alarian was a notable language for its non-variant versions, with only one 'true' version existing throughout history. Alarian people have a high trust factor towards other Alarians, however, they like the idea of sharing with them due to no language barrier.


Empala, a mixture of Semther and Helten, it quickly became a 2nd class language in many countries but was ultimately too rarely taught for it to become of any major use for most nations. People native to the tongue could understand to a certain degree Helten and Semther. The language was first formulated in the early 3rd Century after Osmax colonies native in Helten collided with Semther speakers.


An extremely complex language, Jokilo is historically known for its extreme difficulty to learn, and almost impossibility to master. The language was so difficult in fact, it was completely banned in the Kingdom Of Osmax by King Tiberius I Of The Osmax. Jokilo first started as a distinct dialect from the Alarian Language, first beginning on the Island Of Telikana. But within a century the dialect was virtually its own language. It's unusually spread from the High Islands of Susland to Lothian led to the language surviving for nearly a millennium until it was finally extinct.

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