Poliko Nambius

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

I would give my life before they can threaten our familes

Opam, when General Timburs Derangous asked him if he would fight

Poliko Nambius
Birth namePoliko Nambius
BornB1E-32 approx.
DiedJune 19, 13 First Era
(Aged 45)
AllegianceOsmax (tribe)
Kingdom Of Osmax
ForcesOsmax Army
Years Of ServiceB1E-7 - 2 First Era
UnitOsmax Officers
Other workHunter

Poliko Nambius (B1E-32 - June 19, 13 First Era) was an officer of the Osmax Tribe during the Osmax-Arain Succesion War. He was talented in leading his troops into battle, and would offer important insight to the General Of Osmax on rare occasions. He fought in the Battle Of Stone Crop and the 1st Battle Of Opam. He later became a hunter after the war, and died on June 19, 13 First Era. He was loved by the few troops under his command, and as Max I would remark, "would have made a fine General." He had no children.

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