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Mendallians, Cohort Commanders usually, were extremely respected individuals and a major step up from the previous rank I the Osmax Army, Pempdas. The first time this rank was used was in the Osmax-Arain Succesion War. Often these high ranking individuals were targeted on the battlefield for their leadership position, however, Mendallians were by far the most fierce die-hard loyal warriors in the nation. Hand picked from the bravest of the brave, Mendallians showed no fear of death. Mendallians often led larger units, such as Companies, when needed.


This rank was used in the following armies:

Osmax Army

Before: Pempdas
After: Exillion
The Osmax have a fierce tradition of Mendallian Commanders that stretches back to the Osmax-Arain Succesion War. To become a Mendallian it was required that you have killed at least three men one with a sword and another with just your hands. Many times possible Mendallians would fight to the death, and the victor would be promoted. Mendallians, however, sometimes have royalty involved and often enough this would be the starting position for Osmax Royals in the Osmax Army.

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