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Most often a Company Commander, an Exillion was first created for the Osmax Army. Only belonging to the highest ranking soldiers in the military, the Exillion showed renowned leadership and intelligence. Exillions often were tasked with the most strategic abilities of the battlefield until later in time when Faxillens did. Exillion is derived from the Ancient Helten word, "Flame".


This rank was used in the following armies:

Osmax Army

Before: Mendallian
After: Faxillen
Exillions were some of the most trusted individuals on the field of battle. In charge of a 1,000 Eridiutus the Exillion showed exceptional leadership and decision making abilities. Often Exillions were tasked with many "small" tasks that were simply too small to be managed by bigger armies. Exillions in their own right were a local region dictator, and many times could do whatever they wanted. To become an Exillion a Mendallien must show exceptional ability in courage, leadership, and prowess in intellect.

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