From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Most often a Commander Of Legion, Faxillens were the most well renowned individuals even above General and Militant General. Faxillens led thousands of soldiers and had the most leadership skill used on the battlefield. Although Faxillens were given orders by higher ranks they had the most ability on the battlefield to command their words. Faxillens were usually tall soldiers that had decades of experience and skill and the last rank to engage in any sort of combat.


This rank was used in the following armies:

Osmax Army

Before: Exillion
After: Militant General
Faxillens is the Osmax Army held immense power as the commander of 8,000 Eridiutus. Legions often were deployed across the nation to restore order, quiet the local populace, or plan upcoming attacks. To become a Faxillen it was required to have served in at least two campaigns/battles and climb the tallest tree in a forest. Once onto of the tree, the possible Faxillen would direct forces with messengers while not moving on the tree. If successful, they would be promoted.

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