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A Basic Foot Soldier, Eridiutus was the first rank for the Osmax Army. Eridiutus almost always were young men conscripted to join the armed forces or that had nothing better to do. Eridiutusses were by far the most common military rank and the first to meet head on in a battle. Eridiutusses were paid almost nothing but had many of their needs such as shelter, food, water, covered.


This rank was used in the following armies:

Osmax Army

Before: None
After: Tallen
In the Osmax Army in the Kingdom Of Osmax, Eridiutusses had to be fit and of sound mind. Sometimes, crazy people would be enlisted to act like berserkers where they would charge crazy at the enemy. You must almost be at least the age of 15 or old enough to wield a sword without fault.

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