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Typically a commander of a Squad, the rank was first created in the Osmax Army. A Tallen was the first rank to be promoted to, and other those that shown loyalty, devotion, courage, and honor were the first elevated to this position. A Tallen was responsible for all soldiers under his or her command. A Tallen in some circumstances wielded absolute power over their subordinates. In the Kingdom Of Osmax, Tallens could be challenged for leadership in a duel. These duels usually ended in one side conceding but death was not an unusual occurrence.


Armies that utilized this rank are:

Osmax Army

Before: Eridiutus
After: Pempdas
The Kingdom Of Osmax held a many great Tallens throughout its Era in history, eventually restricting the military in the Second Era and disallowing the rank of Tallen. Famous Osmax Tallens include:

  • Max Bimeris
  • Lani Bushrun
  • Tiberius Xatos
  • Redmon Fang
  • Drex Morea
  • Icu Flow
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