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The Commander of a Squint, this rank was first created for the Osmax Army and led nearly 100 soldiers. Pempdasses were notable for being skilled in combat and legendary voices that could rally their troops. Mainly an Osmanian traditional rank, a Pempdas must pass a religious test of honor before they could start their duties. Pempdas soldiers typically had at least two campaigns with many years of experience, but still enough vigor to be a deadly force on the battlefield. Said by many to be the best rank in the Military as they "Had power but not too much."


This rank was used in the following Armies:

Osmax Army

Before: Tallen
After: Mendallian
A Pempdas in the Osmax Army showed great loyalty towards those above and under their command. Often times a new Pempdas would be initiated through an ancient cleansing ritual that constituted of fasting for 3 days. A Pempdas would then eat a rock to symbolize their undying spirit and service to their commander. If at any time a Pempdas failed these requirements, at best they would be banished from the Armed Forces. A Pempdas had the loudest voices, and sometimes Tallens and Eridtus were promoted just based on the fact of their loud vocal cords. Famous Pempdasses include:

  • Johnus Tacko
  • Mayus Lom
  • Maximus Settles
  • Maximin Carinthian
  • Busch Vim
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