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They laugh until 25 Legions rise over the hill...

King Conardis, Emergency Council Of 438 Second Era

Osmanian Callonous
Osmax Army Banner
Osmax Armed Forces Banner
ActiveB1E-7 -
CountryOsmax (tribe)
(B1E - 1 First Era)
Kingdom Of Osmax
(1 First Era - )
AllegianceTo the General Of Osmax
Size2 - 40 legions
HeadquartersOpam, Foutlang
Motto(s)"Loyalty, above all else"
EngagementsOsmax-Arain Succesion War
Osmax-Fowatan War
Wall Of Spears
Commander-In-ChiefChief Of The Osmax
(B1E - B1E - 1)
King Of The Osmax
(1 First Era - )
Notable commandersMax I
Tiberius I
Tiberius II

The *Osmanian Callonous* known simply as the Osmax Army was the military fighting force for the Osmax (tribe) (B1E - B1E-1), Kingdom Of Osmax (1 First Era - ), for nearly (insert years). It was known as one of the most sophisticated and elite fighting forces for hundreds of years, and one of the only standing armies of the 1st and 2nd Eras. The army first began was a roughly organized group of warriors starting with King Max I, soon transforming under the leadership of Tiberius II to a strong disciplined force. Before this, the army was very successful in its endeavors, but only due to its great leaders of the time. The Army, comprised of Naval Forces later as well, was headed by the General Of Osmax, with its Commander In Chief residing in the ruling position of the Osmax. Entry into the Army was extremely simple, changing only once or twice throughout history, but the requirements to become an officer changed very frequently. The military was a separate entity until around the 6th Century when the standing General Of Osmax, marched onto Opam to declare himself King.

Historical Overview

Tribe Of The Osmax (B1E - B1E-1)

The Osmax Army during the Tribe of the Osmax, (Osmax (tribe) was an extremely unorganized structure of troops consisting mostly of levied warriors, and conscripted warriors. The Army still consisted of a multitude of military ranks, but organization was difficult to manage. Many soldiers never got promoted to whatever position they held during the Osmax-Arain Succesion War. The Army during this time held only simple weapons of war, including spears, swords, daggers, longbows, and occasionally war axes. The strength of the army during the war can be measured at approx. 2 legions.

Kingdom Of Osmax (1 First Era - )

Military Ranks

Osmax Military Formations Picturized

For much more in-depth information on Osmax Military Ranks, visit Osmax Military Ranks.

Unit Counts:
20 Eridiutus = 1 Squad
4 Squads = 1 Squint
5 Squints = 1 Cohort
5 Cohorts = 2 Companies
4 Companies = 1 Legion

Eridiutus - A Basic Foot Soldier
Tallen - Commander Of A Squad
Pempdas - Commander Of A Sqiunt
Mendallian - Cohort Commander
Exillion - Commander Of A Companey
Faxillen - Commander Of A Legion
Militant General - Commander Of Five Legions
General - Commander Of Ten Legions
General Of Osmax - All Ground Forces

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