Osmax Military Ranks

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The Osmax Military Ranks are the ranks structured around the Military Of The Osmax. The Osmax used many of these ranks throughout their reign, but many still stay relatively alive. The most common rank a soldier could begin as was Eridiutus, as almost all did. Many would either retire as one or as a Tallen or Pempdas. Those who stayed in longer usually would make the rank Mendallian and sometimes very rarely, Faxillen. Soldiers typically did not make it past this rank unless their leadership proved to be of the right virtue to advance. Few people ever made it this far, and even few into the General ranks. Although every rank is assigned a commander of a unit, more times than not they would control more troops or sometimes less than their rank would hold. In peacetime, the numbers were relatively the same but the longer war would drag out, so would the uneven distribution of men. Women in the Osmax Army NEVER made it past the rank Exillion, with there being only one exception. Ambliss Refrates. Typically a soldier could expect to make the rank of Tallen if they stayed in four at least five years. In war, it was much fast averaging around three years. Pempdas was harder to achieve and could take upwards of Fifteen years. But many would make it in ten, some even eight or seven. Mendallian normally was only handed out to people reaching a military goal, or service aptitude, and the average service time was seventeen years. Exillion and Faxillen average almost four years within each other at 24, and 29. After Faxillen, the General ranks are handed out not based at all on service or awards, but who simply fits the best postion. Although not even the Osmax can escape corruption. General ages typically around in the 50's, or early 60's. The General Of Osmax, the highest rank achievable in the Kingdom Of Osmax armed forces, is only 2nd to the King. This leaders often include some of the best tacticians ever to walk the face of the planet.
The ranks are as follows:

Eridiutus - A Basic Foot Soldier
Tallen - Commander Of A Squad
Pempdas - Commander Of A Sqiunt
Mendallian - Cohort Commander
Exillion - Commander Of A Company
Faxillen - Commander Of A Legion
Militant General - Commander Of Five Legions
General - Commander Of Ten Legions
General Of Osmax - All Ground Forces

These numbers become rough approximations as many times these numbers were not accurate, as a Faxillen may actually be controlling upwards of Three Legions, while at another time a Pempdas may be controlling half a Cohort. In peacetime, these numbers became roughly the same but the longer a war dragged out an Exillion could soon find himself in control of multiple Legions as all the higher ranks in the area are deceased.

Osmax Military Formations Picturized

Unit Counts:
20 Eridiutus = 1 Squad
4 Squads = 1 Squint
5 Squints = 1 Cohort
5 Cohorts = 2 Companies
4 Companies = 1 Legion

Troop Counts:
1 Squad = 20 Erids
1 Squit = 80 Erids
1 Cohort = 400 Erids
1 Companey = 1,000 Erids
1 Legion = 4,000 Erids
5 Legions = 20,000 Erids
10 Legions = 40,000 Erids

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