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Foutlang's layout in 213 First Era
Foutlang's layout in 213 First Era
Located in Central Umon
Located in Central Umon
ControlKingdom Of Fowatan 19 - 43 First Era
Kingdom Of Osmax 1 First Era - N/A
Providencal HistoryFoutlang Centeral
Settledapprox. B1E-100
Founded byKingdom Of Fowatan
 • TypeCity Council

Growth Of Foutlang
Highest Recorded
 • Total79,549 sq mi (206,030 km2)
 • Land64,190 sq mi (166,300 km2)
 • Water5,359 sq mi (13,880 km2)

Highest point in elevation
564 ft (271.5 m)
 • Total
19 First Era - 15,000
30 First Era - 16,000
43 First Era - 9,000

The city of Foutlang was built around B1E-100 for hundreds of years was a major city of the Osmax. The Kingdom Of Fowatan were the first people to call this city their capital and many civilizations would soon follow. Foutlang is generally acquainted with its mild summers, but freezing winters. Although its climate is generally warm in the winter, Foutlang and nearby territories are very unnatural accumulating hard cold winds blowing across the Bay Of Mystical Ice. Foutlang is located at the uppermost part of Umon along the Bay Of Mystical Ice. Centuries of pollution and warfare however have affected the bays' level of sanitation and safety past acceptable levels.


Foutlang was first founded by the ancestors of the Kingdom Of Fowatan, later being captured by the Kingdom Of Osmax. The city was proclaimed the capital in 19 First Era and ceased after its fall in 43 First Era in the Osmax-Fowatan War. The city was first built with wood, slowly turning into stone buildings and castles as time progressed. In 75 First Era outer wall defenses were established for no apparent reason, and mostly still stand to this day. Osmanian churchs were erected for the first time in 28 First Era, and heavily increased by 84 First Era.


Foutlang is surrounded by hills and small stout forests. On the north side of the city, the ocean can be seen slightly far away. Cold winds blow in from the mysterious inlet of sea, and freeze the occupants of all of Northern Umon. Coal is most often mined in Foutlang, known for its well off deposits, including but not limited to Iron, Coal, Silver, and Arsenic.

The bay north of the city, called the Bay Of Mystical Ice, named for its freezing and crashing ice that shines in the moonlight, creates hard freezing winds that blow into the city. Many cords of wood are required to heat the city during the winter, and winter clothes can be sold in extremely large quantities here.


The economy of Foutlang is most widely attributed to its large farms, and deep mines. The city also produces a high amount of winter clothes and hides, but few ever get exported due to the great need. Many things are imported to Foutlang including salt, spices, and other luxuries. The city has few tourists, and is seen as a desolate city in the winter while a bustling city in any other season.




Notable People

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