Ferdnes Losnos

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

I would give my life a thousand times over.

Opam, when General Timburs Derangous asked him if he would fight

Ferdnes Losnos
Birth nameFerdnes Losnos
BornB1E-47 approx.
small village outside Opam
DiedMay 29, B1E-2
(Aged 45)
AllegianceOsmax (tribe)
ForcesOsmax Army
Years Of ServiceB1E-5 - B1E-2
UnitOsmax Officers
Other workUnknown

Ferdnes Losnos (B1E-47 - B1E-2) was an officer of the Osmax Tribe during the Osmax-Arain Succesion War. He was an experienced officer who would sometimes offer advice to Max I in times of need, but was killed in the Battle Of Stone Crop. His troops around him perished as they took the entire brute of the Arain attack, and were slaughtered within minutes. The freezing cold air and snowy ground proved a horrible place to die for the wise officer. He was last seen being attacked while laying helpless on the ground, fending off attacks from slashing swords as the snow bore into his wounds. He was awarded the Award Of War for his excellent service in wartime.

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