Penani Selvxius

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They plan... plan to attack Opam!

—50 miles away from Opam, when General Timburs Derangous demanded why he was in his camp

Penani Selvxius
Penani Selvxius

B1E-29 approx.
Died25 First Era
Years activeB1E-7 - 25 First Era
Military Service
AllegianceArain, Osmax (tribe), Kingdom Of Osmax
Service/branchArain Tribal Forces, Osmax Tribal Forces
Years of serviceB1E-7 - 14 First Era
RankArain - Halti
Osmax - Mendallian

Penani Selvxius (B1E-29 - 25 First Era) was a warrior of the Arain, and a officer of the Osmax Tribe during the Osmax-Arain Succesion War. He is a very influential character throughout the war, and is credited with perhaps the entire victory of the war. He was seen as a traitor to the Arain, and lived at the far reaches of the Kingdom to stay safe after the war. He died to Pario after becoming infected from contaminated food.

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