Tiberinus Polina

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They plan... plan to attack Opam!

—50 miles away from Opam, when General Timburs Derangous demanded why he was in his camp

Tiberinus Polina
Tiberinus Polina

B1E-42 approx.
Died18 First Era
Years activeB1E-7 - 1 First Era
Military Service
AllegianceDeno, Osmax (tribe),
Service/branchDeno Tribal Forces, Osmax Tribal Forces
Years of serviceB1E-7 - 1 First Era
RankDeno - General
Osmax - Advisor General

Tiberinus Polina (B1E-42 - 18 First Era) was a Warrior General of the Deno, and an Advisor to Osmax Tribe Generals during the Osmax-Arain Succesion War. He originally in the beginning of the war was assigned as a General to the Tribal Forces of the Deno, but soon after the Fall Of Elardo quick into the war, he became an advisor to Osmax Generals while still maintaining his General position. Throughout the war, he led multiple armies to war and was an influential character throughout these parts. After the war, Tiberinus quickly fell into the shambles of new people in the newly formed Kingdom Of Osmax, and lived the rest of his days out on a lone farm far into the countryside.

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