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I shall humbly call the gods, to declare war.

King Max I, then Chief Maximin, 1st Battle Of Opam

Tribe Of Osmax
Flown over Osmax-Arain Succession War
Common languagesHelten
Not much is known, but was nomadic long ago
GovernmentTribal Dictatorship
• B1E-10 - B1E-1
Chief Maximin
Historical eraPre-Osmax
• Formation Of Tribes
approx. B1E-1000
B1E-7 - 1 First Era
December B1E-1
• B1E-7
Approx. 24,000
• B1E-1
Approx. 16,000
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nomadic People
Kingdom Of Osmax
  1. ...

The Tribe Of Osmax ("Os-meX") was formed approx. B1E-10,000 by a group of nomadic hunters. The tribe was the first tribe to become a formal nation, the Kingdom Of Osmax, starting the first Era. The tribe originates from the Southern Area of the Region Umon, in the forests of demise. They became a permeant settlement, creating the then extremely small village of Opam, in the bay of Southern Umon. The tribe quickly became accustomed to hunting the region's deer, and small mammals such as possum, muskrat, and rarely beaver. The rigorous winters proved to be a challenge bringing disease every year, killing thousands throughout time. The rigorous winters proved tough not only for the Osmax, but surrounding tribes. Prolong periods of starvation, and trouble hunting enough food for the population influenced Max I to unite all the tribes into a Kingdom.

The Osmax-Arain Succession War

When young Chief Maximin decided to unite the tribes, he quickly began gathering his warriors, creating officers out of the best of them. After gathering his forces and waiting for a strategical advantage, The Osmax-Arain Succesion War began on the 1st Of November, B1E-7 when Maximin and a force of over five hundred warriors stormed the city of Elardo. The Deno quickly surrendered to the Osmax, and word soon got out of the daring attack.

The Arain, a tribe in very similar strength to the Osmax, decided to not meet the forces of the Osmax, and now Deno head-on. Creating the tactic known as Guerrilla Warfare, where you attack an enemy and then quickly retreat, the Arain dragged the war out seven years using this tactic. Pillaging small villages, slaughtering men and women, chaining the children to slavery, Chief Hilthrope abandoned his city of Hildago, deciding to end the war he would have to attack the capital of the Osmax, Opam. On the soft morning of December 19, B1E-1, Hiltrope quickly advanced to what he suspected as the undefended city of the Osmax, but quickly found out he was wrong. Attempting to escape, Chief Hilthrope's forces were encased by Maximin's men. Maximin's armies met Hilthrope on all flanks, eventually crushing his army and killing Hilthrope himself. The battle later became known as the 1st Battle Of Opam.

Entering the city of Hildago, Maximin calmly captured the city ending the Osmax-Arain Succession War. The war totaled around twenty thousand deaths in total, reducing the population of the Osmax to around 16,000. The Deno suffered around three thousand, due to losses by the Arain, having a new population of 11,000; and the Arain suffered horrendous losses at 11,000, half of their entire population. Before Year 1 they had only 11,000, primarily women and children. Maximin after his coronation ceremony later apologized for these horrible losses.

Complete Unification Of The Tribes

The Unification of the Tribes began days after Maximin had captured Hildago. He quickly began converting the Deno and Arain to reflect Osmax values, adopting some of their own as well. Maximin then fourteen days later, was crowned the first King Of The Osmax Kingdom. The ceremony included surrounding him with swords, speaking hymns, and being bathed in the holiest water that could be found. This later became the Embalming Coronation Ceremony tradition thousands of kings and emperors would later adopt. Maximin in honor of becoming a King, renamed himself to simply, Max, later becoming Max I. Max then gave a speech regarding the losses sustained in the war in order to further unite the bitter tribes. In remembrance of the unification, Max I built the Monument of Solitude, an ancient stone pillar that he personally carved into a beautiful mural that described the great beauty of finally being under one King, one ruler. This mural later had many many leaders pray to it asking for guidance.

It took decades, but the tribes eventually settled into the Osmax Culture, (Osmanian), as we see it today. The Osmax people are often seen as resilient, hard-working, and willing to protect what they believe is rightfully theirs. But they also are seen as arrogant, selfish, and extremely nationalistic.

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