Monument of Solitude

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Monument Of Solitude was personally hand carved from the toughest stone that great leader Max I could find. It took him ten years to complete, dedicating thousands of hours to the task until it was finally completed. The Monument was a giant tower, also known as the "Tower Of Max I." Its location however was extremely unique. Located on a very small island off of the coast of Umon, the Island Of Maximin And Tiberius. First discovered by a fishing boat three years after the end of the Osmax-Arain Succesion War, Max I decided it perfectly suited a place to find himself. After the completion of the Tower, every year, for four to five months, the great leader would cast himself away to the island. Nobody knew what he did, but in his personal diaries he talked about the meditation, focus, and the inner peace the island would bring. The island had a few things on it, a small pier, and two buildings. One for sleeping and preparing food, the other for storage. Often the salted meat would run low, and Max would have to fish to stay alive, however, there were always fishing boats near the island. The water would rise up into a soft beach that ran most of the length around the island until about it stopped two hundred feet from the bend. There it would steeply rise one hundred feet up jagged rocks and waving trees in the wind. Ontop the hill was a small campfire next to a soft stone Max wrote that he would sit down on. Next to the stone was the Monument. Throughout nearly the entire existence of the Tower, it was kept in order and the ravages of nature away. It wasn't until the end of its life that the Monument became forgotten, and taken by nature.

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