Province Of Opam

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Province Of Opam
Province Of Opam
"Forever powerful"
ControlKingdom Of Osmax 1 First Era - N/A
Provincial Act Of 140140 First Era
Founded byKingdom Of Osmax
 • TypeConsul (140 First Era - )

Highest Recorded
 • ProvinceINSERT sq mi (Formatting error: invalid input when rounding km2)
 • LandINSERT sq mi (Formatting error: invalid input when rounding km2)
 • WaterINSERT sq mi (Formatting error: invalid input when rounding km2)  9%
 • Urban
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Highest point in elevation
 • Province
1 First Era - 12,000
25 First Era - 17,000
49 First Era - 28,000
 • Rank1st Osmax

The Province Of Opam, officially established in the Provincial Act Of 140 was one of the richest and most prosperous providence in the Kingdom Of Osmax for centuries. The Province included the major capital city, Opam, among smaller villages and towns nearby. The Province during the Kingdom Of Osmax was headed by a Consul, who had the powers to change/create new laws, change economic practices, manage the local garrison, among others. During the Kingdom Of Osmax, all of these powers could of course be overridden by the King Of Osmax, Royal Council, and General Of Osmax in some cases.

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