Teniulus Barma

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

"Our people, are safe, warm, and live quiet lives. Why change that?"

—Teniulus last words to his treacherous son Fentalius

Teniulus Barma
Teniulus, 54 years old
King Of Fowatan
ReignKing (19-29 First Era)
(10 years)
CoronationMarch 14, 19 First Era
SuccessorFentalius Of Fowatan
April, 31 First Age
DiedJuly 19, 19 First Era (Aged 57)
His Quarters
Originally Fountlang Cemetary, now currently unknown
SpousesLong dead
Teniulus Barma
Originally Tentant Barama
FatherAn ancient hunter
MotherUnnamed Woman

Teniulus Barma (B1E-28 - July 19, 19 First Era) also formerly known as Tentant Barama was the first King of the Kingdom Of Fowatan. When the news of a new nation that has risen reached the villages where Tentant lived, (Kingdom Of Osmax), he became angered but also frightened. Afraid of being absorbed into the new Kingdom, Tentant quickly gathered support. Forming a small democracy among a string of villages, he pleaded to the representatives that they must do something. Once ideas were formalized, a vote was carried out and a kingdom was formed. The Kingdom Of Fowatan. Tentant quickly made an argument for himself to become the King, citing that he was already becoming well known. With no other option, they made him the first official King Of Fowatan. He renamed himself to Tenilius, and fought to make his Kingdom into a strong front that the Osmax couldn't so easily conquer. With the low rainfall in the region, he sought to find new sources of water. The hills that dotted the region became utilized, using the gravel and loose rock inside of buildings. But perhaps the biggest thing that needed to be fixed was the food situation. Relying almost completely on hunting, he instituted small agricultural farms where he could. But the efforts weren't big enough and played a factor in his downfall. Another problem that he couldn't fix was the increasing corruption among officials being bribed. On a late evening in July, 29 First Era, his son Fentalius came up to him. A nearby guard recited the event second for second, word for word.

"Father, why do you not fight the Osmax now?" Fentalius demanded.
"Son, strength, isn't a virtue of us as of now."
"Why don't you make it one then!" Fentalius screamed.
"Our people, are safe, warm, and live quiet lives. Why change that?"
"I will kill the Osmax King, like I will kill you. Slow, and painful."

Fentalius slit his father's neck, pressing down on the wound to make his blood slowly squirt out. His father watched lifelessly as his son smiled with a devilish grin. The guard ran away, too scared to even act. Fentaliuses treachery spread like wildfire among the Kingdom, but all were too scared to act out against it.

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