General Of Fowatan

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The General of Fowatan was considered the highest rank you could achieve in the military, with the most senior tactician normally receiving the job. Only two Generals Of Fowatan existed, with Opreium Fes being the last one. No one succeeded Opreium Fes because everyone knew that whoever would rise to the position would surely die to the oncoming Osmax armies in the Osmax-Fowatan War. The distinction of a General Of Fowatan was their blue smeared warpaint face, and three cuts down down their right cheek.

Portrait Term Succession
Name Took Command Left Command Duration Preceded By Succeeded By
General Oxodes Fowan
General Oxodes Fowan19 First Era34 First Eraapprox. 15 yearsNoneOpreium Fes
General Opreium Fes
General Opreium Fes34 First Era42 First Eraapprox. 8 yearsOxodes FowanNone
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